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Re: Honour And Truth In West Papua
In Response To: Honour And Truth In West Papua ()


The Former Foreign Minister of Panua New Guinea put it in perspective when he said that the Black People of Asia, including Melanesia nad Papua New Guinea are related to Africans in the past, present nad future.

During the early part of the wars for liberation against colonial rule, many nations in Africa such as Senegal and others supported the Melanesian and Papuan liberation movements.

The attitude of Africans in Africa and the Black Diaspora remains the same when it comes to the total liiberation and freedom for Blacks in the Asian region. The objective is unity, economic cooperation, military cooperation and putting an end to oppression of Blacks in the region.


The racist policy of "Asianization," where Blacks in parts of South East Asia are being made the victims of genocide should be taken into consideration by Blacks in Melanesia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, North America and Asia. That racist policy seems to disregard the fact that Blacks/Melanesians/Papuans/Australian Aborigines...all these Black groups whose origins are in Africa and who are the very first people to settle in Asia, are now the targets of a SYSTEMATIC AND RACIST AGENDA OF GENOCIDE.

America and Europe will not sit back and watch the Jews get wiped out in the Middle East, while about two million Africans have been eliminated in Sudan by Arabs. As Black Negro peoples all over the world, we should not sit back and watch any Black nation become the victim of genocide, whether its Rwanda, Sudan, or West Papua.


The Pan-Africoid movement (known as the Pan-Negro Movement by Black Untouchables of India), should include all of us who are being made the victims and targets of a world conspiracy of racism, genocide and land theft. Blacks in Papua-New Guinda, West Papua, Melanesia, New Caledonia, Indonesia, parts of Indo-China, Australia and the Black Dalits of India, are all being oppressed based on identical reasons. That reason is based on sanctified racism concocted by those who follow the Semitic religions (Christianity, the Arabs religion), and the Aryan religions which introduced the racist "varna" or caste system to India and attempted to exterminate the Black population (and did succeed in part), over thousands of years (see Black Untouchables of India, by V.T. Rajshekar, Runoko Rashidi and Y.N. Kly Clarity Press, Atlanta, Georgia )

The constant attacks on Blacks in Sudan (Africa), Indonesia and West Papua is based on religious and sanctified racism that comes directly from the idea of placing Blacks in the category of "infidels" or "cursed descendants of Ham." These lies are part of the justification for the atrocities being committed against Blacks today.

Yet, nnot too many of us are aware of that fact. It is perhaps people in high religious places, those who read the religious books of the Semites and the mormos, or Hindus who will verify that in these religious books, talk of Ham living in the House of Shem and Japhet and being their "servants," is used to justify Black oppression.
However, as Blacks around the world, our natural religions demand that we free ourselves from oppression, reclaim and retake our occupied lands and practice the art of progress and self-preservation (see Harry Potter and the Black Khemitic origins of Black Magic.... )

In retrospect, the Melanesians, Papuans, New Guineans and other Africoids in the Indian Ocean, SE Asia, Indonesia, Melanesia and Australia must know that Blacks in Africa, the Americas, Europe and elsewhere consider Blacks in Asia and Melanesia to be brothers and sisters who are suffering from the same racist policies implemented by people who oppress our people and occupy our lands for one reason...OUR BLACKNESS.

In retrospect, if Europe and America can support Jewish right to exist as a culture, people and group, then we Blacks around the world should unite and work to make sure that no genocide is committed against other Blacks, whether its in Congo, Sudan, India, Latin America, whether its "three strikes and manditory minimums in Australia and the U.S., genocide and invasion in East Timor and West Papua, Melanesia, Australia or any where else on this planet.

Its important that at the Next Sullivan Pan-African Conference, that the issues of Blacks in India, Melanesia and SE Asia be disucssed and plans for finding solutions be implemented. It is not in our best interests or that of the Pan-Negro race to turn a blind eye to any form of oppression happening to our people, no matter where on earth they are.

THE OPPRESSORS KNOW VERY WELL THAT WE BLACKS ARE ONE RACE, THOUGH MANY NATIONS. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE OPPRESSING US. Their religious reasons and classification of us as 'Descendants of Ham," who should be "servants" in the house of Shem and Japhet is the reason for the continual oppression and genocide, which is perpetrated by their religious heirachy and organizations. We Blacks are also descendants of Canaan, Punt, Mizraim and Cush and only Canaan (according to this Jewish myth) was supposed to have been "cursed" for seeing his father drunk.

This fable in the Bible is the reason for their use of sanctified racism as an excuse to occupy our lands. We must unify in order to stop genocide against us.

We should unite our diplomatic, economic and military resources and strength to stop the genocide being committed against Black people, no matter who is committing it. THE OBJECTIVE OF THIS GENOCIDE, WHETHER ITS THE DELIBERATE SPREAD OF AIDS AND THE PUSHING OF ABORTION, OR WHETHER ITS DIRECT MILITARY ATTACKS AND GENOCIDE, IS TO ELIMINATE THE BLACK POPULATION AND OCCUPY THEIR LANDS.


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