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Re: Arabs and the Racial Lessons of 9/11

The Arabs have done and are continuing to do great and severe injustices to Africa and black Africans. Arabs don't consider black people as equal human beings. Arab racism is more evident in the periphery of the Arab Middle East. But even in the Arab centre - Saudi Arabia for instance, being "Black" is synonymous with "slave" and are used interchangeably, suggestive of their psychological racial superiority and Black inferiority. A Saudi for instance will talk of "el jazam el aabda ("aadba means slave in English and jazam means shoes.) when wanting to purchase black shoes, translated into English (the slave shoe). Arab slavery and imperialism is an unknown tragedy, which produces misconceptions among the black communities. This is dangerous! For example, a good number of African Americans seem to confuse Africanism with Arabism. In an attempt to escape white cultural domination, African Americans and blacks elsewhere are turning in large numbers to Islam. Lacking any historical or contemporary knowledge lacking any historical or contemporary knowledge of Arab slavery, they are adopting Arab names and culture as a way of avoiding slave names and heritage.

If black Africans and African Americans are going to demand for reparations then we have to demand for reparations from both the Arab World and the West. I am for reparations, but all culprits must pay us for the evils committed to black Africans. We must be alert to realize the manipulative games the Arabs are playing on us. Very soon we black people may be switching masters from whites to Arabs.

Nobody from the AFRO race, whether they are African, West Indian or African-American has been instrumental in 9/11 terrorist happenings, it just is none of our business! White people created the problem. It is an exterior one near whites attacking and trying to destroy whites.

As we ALL know, the cases of Sudan, Mauritania prove that Arabs are never with us, they are ALWAYS against blacks. Therefore, it is time we black Africans only support the dark/black Africans and throw further light on Arab aggression supported by the West, instead of wasting our time being involved in whites and near whites tribal and cultural problems.

Carol Chehade speaks the TRUTH!


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Re: Arabs and the Racial Lessons of 9/11
Re: Arabs and the Racial Lessons of 9/11

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