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Re: Negroid roots of Ireland
In Response To: Negroid roots of Ireland ()

Hamitic means children of Ham one of the sons of Noah.

Hamitic people are largely Black African or "negroid" as

you put it, yet not exclusively. To prove that Irish are

related to Berbers or one group or the other does not

nesseccarly mean they are are of Negroid roots. The

Berber are a people that traveled to north africa a few

thousand years ago from southern arabia & Ethiopia. The

Hamitic Stock & the Samitic Stock are historically

intermingled. From them came a people who call themselves

samitic and another people calling themselves hamitic

yet they only seperate after a long period of

time and space races truly seperated and were formed.

The berber may be hamitic or samitic or a mix of both

even if a higher probability of hamitic...that does not

neccessarily mean Negroid. The contenent of Africa

especially in the north has a long history of

intermingling of Hamitic, Samitic and the children of

Jafeth or "caucazoid". Let us assume Irish are from

berber, and berber are inturn from Ethiopia and

Ethiopians in turn are a mix of Samitic and Hamitic Negroid...the statement then lends one rather then to name

races but rather to name Origins. Origin of Irish can be

stated as Hamitic or Samitic...that is a more correct

statement. Much of research have now put more basis on

the theory that all man came from Africa and of Negroid

or similar by stating that about Irish is not more correct term is Hamitic...some

Middleeasterners are hamitic, the berber, and

negroids...and now Irish.

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