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The nature of self destruction part 3

I seek refuge with God from the incitement of the whisperer, who whispers evil and sickness into the minds and hearts of men, then withdraws among men and spirits. Often we hear disturbing things that have no basis in sanity or righteousness, and often we are confused by the insidious nature of our avowed enemys who attack us from within. No one can be what he or she cannot understand, and no one can fight an enemy they do not understand. We cannot stand under the assaults, or invasions responsible for our self destructive behaviors. This is because we fail to make clear distinctions between the two worlds we live in, we fail to charactorize ourselves as spirit beings, and in doing so we fail to
1. recognise
2. develope
the spiritual powers that link us to god.
God is the source of all hope in us even when we
are unaware of our aspiration for hope. How can we be the Vicegerent Of God and Not be envied by all creation around and beneath us, while all
the creation serves us, that being the innanimate matter we build with and stand on to the immotive forces that constitute sensations in our minds and our bodies. (THEY ALL SEEK TO
THROW US DOWN FROM OUR GLORY, THEY WISH TO SHOW US UNWORTHY OF GODS GRACE)Even our flesh drives us day and night for sex, ("GIVE ME WHAT I LUST FOR"). While, it is "OUR" flesh it dose not care about the trouble it gets us into. It dose not care about the unwanted pregnecies, or unloved children produced in broken homes. When we fail to see ourselves as spirit beings we devolve into
flesh and blood beings like the animals who do not have a concsious, and are not responsible for
their behaviors because they have not evolved a spirit organism. The spirit organism is the
energy produced in human brain cells collectively constituting an individuals concsious awareness, a personality, a charactor, or organism comprising multiple faculties constituting abstract capabilities in perception, comprehension, and developemental potentials as boundless as the universe itself. thus the human soul, a
(SPIRITUAL ORGANISM, PURE ORGANISED ENERGY, THE LIKENESS OF GOD). To know this is to love this, for it is to know thyself and thy place in all God's creation second only to God. God be praised forever.

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