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Re: The nature of self destruction part 3

I donít know if you read my post or not but I think you got it, well some what, then again I donít claim to be the smartest here right! Anyways I agree it is true we make our own self the enemy. I find it fascinating that a person a reader in this case can read the work of another and dream up an idea as to how the author may be. I find that fascinating because I read the work of others and fall in love. Yet I never find these people in my reality. I finally see why.

That is something that needs to be discussed, because the nature of self destruction is more complex than one thinks than again itís not complicated. Complex, complicate emotions, feelings torture, torment angry, mad get my drift? There are 2 sides as you said 2 worlds. But thereís only one world what people really mean to say is perspective and whatís so hard about replacing world with perspective people desire to look beyond there perspectives gets in the way. Because youíre not experiencing, youíre imagining which is scrutinized as nothing more but thought and perspective then no longer counts. What people fail to or in other words except is that your perspective changes when you merely move your head.

As I wrote earlier complex not complicated. Complication builds off of complexity not the other way around. Think about it. This is a serious problem and in the past 150 years of our worldís history proves that. We make ourselves the enemy by looking at each other as the enemy. As this problem continues complexity builds and soon creates complication. And now that the problem is now complicated the complexity is ignored and that means the ones that build it is scrutinized calling it some big problem. That canít be fixed while especially now in this day in age the complexity can be sold. Which furthers complicates the complication.

So then we all suffer and that some of us profit. That the way it goes they say but I find it to be bullshit.

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