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The Initiative for African Security

The Initiative for African Security (brief version) Draft

Aryan Threats to the Security of the African Race.
An Afrocentric Assessment of the inimical impacts of
the Aryan Race on African People:

The initiative for African Security: The Security of
Justice Design Basis Threat

Africans are in neglect of establishing Security for
the African Race--our greatest value. A nation without
security is a nation in a precarious position. The
initiative for African Security intends to address
this oversight of our African-governance dynamic. The
Initiative for African Security (IAS) advances this
Design Basis Threat, to rectify this political
neglect. The African conference seems to be without
the cultural language to talk about the security of
the African Race, and the Aryan-functionaries that are
poised against us. The current discussion on racism
and prejudice, and exploitation, does not indite the
Aryan race as the criminals perpetrating the assault
against us. In fact the language used to express our
plight is a liberal language advanced by liberal Aryan
that propose that all we need is civil rights rather
then relief and security from the crimes committed
against us. Classical language lifts Security to the
Central Political paradigm, Security of the Demos,
yet we Africans do not ask what about our security,
or demand and establish security mechanisms in our interest.

Liberal concept states that there are a "few bad guys" against us
rather than the aryan cultural mindset.

American history is full with designs for Aryan
security against the Negro, and security designs
against the "Indians," the Mexicans, the Cubans,
Japanese, Chinese, and the Philippines. The fact is
"Homeland Security" is all about aryan-security
against the Arab. You will not find no where in the
books; Security of the Negroes/Africans against the
Aryan, are they not the greatest threat to African
Security, and have been for over five centuries? Not
only did aryans enact securities against the colored
races; they establish laws and fines mandating all to
support said securities. (see South Carolina slave
codes 1712: An Act for the better ordering and
governing of Negroes and Slaves.) Security
consicencous Africans know that without our intregity
as a people secured, our rights secured, and our
property secured, we are not safe from the aryan
invader, for he has never valued the African race to be
worthy of security.

Dr. Marimba Ani states our case profoundly in regards
to Aryan determinates, the book Yurugu exploits the
deep ideas that makes a culture what it is, how and why
it functions as it does, and its immutable identity.
We will not ignore this work our scholar activist Dr.
Marimba Ani has brought to the conversation for it is
the enlighten focus that clarify the truth of our
enemies, their values, and motive of operation. It
would be a breach of intelligence to proceed in our
movement without the guiding principles presented by
Dr. Marimba Ani. Recognizing the vicious assault
aryans has planned against the African race and
respecting Dr. Ani's assessments we have no recourse
but to advance securities against the Aryan.

The ultimate Human determination is the Security
determination. Security takes precedence over all
issues. The global discussion and concern for security
has not touched on security for the African Race.
Discussion of security threats within African
communities is mute. One may survey the political
landscape and find nothing pertaining to African
Security with exception to the Peace & Security
Council as advanced by the Organization of African
Union. African American focus on security is
nonexistent. There are no conferences, no clubs,
organizations, or endowments focused on African
Security. Why is this? Considering that Aryans takes
African life and hang it from a tree.

Historiography states that human life on the African
continent developed as a security dynamic, relative to
the consumption imperative of nature, i.e. meaning
people gathered as a security from being eaten by
predictors, and as a security to have foods to eat,
ingathering and forming tribes is a security dynamic.
Africans founded drums as the first security
instruments, when they recognized that loud noised
frighten wild animal away--thereby developing space to
relax and play consequently initiating dance &
culture. Agriculture was founded by African women who
cultivated wheat the first crop of food security, as a
security to have food in abundance. More Importantly
Africans founded the Nation and democratic process as
security designs to support/secure every aspect of
human life. Early African States were in fact
Universal Security States, meaning security for
everyone in the community. African words for State and
Security cognate.The term "Freedom for all" is a European
focus advanced against the aristocracy that lived on
the labor of serfs. Africans in imitation of the white
American independence campaign cried for "freedom."
rather than security from the terror and violation
aryans subjected them to. Africans picking up on the
discussions carried by the movement for independence &
freedom joined the chorus without recognizing that
they did not have, and still do not have, any
securities at all. Sophisticated thought and innate
determination recognizes that without Security all
other values are frail.

Contemporary black voices espouse the platitudes of
"freedom" as if they have found the holiest of ideas
and concerns blacks need; while Aryans may take
a black life as easy as taking a shower and no one
takes actions for security.

We searched the rhetoric of our great leaders and
found no mention of Security, except for some of the
early writers in the US before 1870, and the works of
Africans on the African continent and in the speech
given at the March on Washington by Dr. ML King Jr.
That contains the statement "the security of justice."
Clearly Dr. King was invoking the security paradigm
when he raised the issue from protesting for rights to
securing the people. "We as a peoples movement need to
focus more on security as it is the ultimate justice,"
the justice of security. Dr. King's comprehensive
appeal for security from murder, terror & injury we
faced as a race shows clear in the Poor Peoples
Campaign, which was designed to confront and exposed
the criminality of poverty and the criminality of the economy.
The African Race is the most endangered race on the planet
and most in need of security. We are the despised, with
no respect for the integrity of our cosmosity.

Dr King was to voice the demands of human security;
at the "original march on Washington" that was planed,
which would have immobilized the government,
destabilizing all civil actions, until total justice
had been granted to African Americans and the poor of
the nation. Dr. King digressed from the planed
message, when he abdicated with the urging from
Mahalia Jackson and others on the stage to; "doc give
the I have a dream speech" which he had orated on
other occasions. Quote from Dr. King "So we have
come to cash this check -- a check that will give us
upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of
justice." WE need a comprehensive system of justice
where all citizens are secure. Dr. King's inquire of
the government and the world, "where is the justice
for the hungry, the slain civil rights workers, the
evicted & homeless rent strike tenant, etc" Is still
unanswered. We'll be closer to the answer when African
Security has struck all ears--and on all minds.

Draft African Security Design Basis Threat
Design Basis Threat is the prime factor to be taken
into account during design of physical protection
systems for the African Race. The Initiative for
African Security (IAS) recommendations outlined in our
paper "The Physical Protection & Human Security of the
African Race" Design Basis Threat (DBT) defined as:
the attributes and characteristics of potential
adversaries, who might attempt to Physically damage
the African Race or members of our leadership and or
persons, meaning us all, or thief & removal of African
treasures material or sabotage, against which a
physical protection system is designed. Development of
DBT is the significant task of these undertakings. The
work on Diaspora and the Africa continent Security as
advanced by the African Union AU member nations as
pertain to physical protection.

Events of the last years have demonstrated that Aryan
terrorist attack with the goal of destabilizing our
integrity, materials or sabotage with catastrophic
consequences, should be considered among the top
threats to The African Race. Aryan terrorist acts
significantly raises requirements to physical
protection systems. In global situations, recent cou
detat, hostage taking events in Haiti in and
subsequent statements of Aryan terrorist leaders
regarding possible attacks against African Heads of
State, confirmed that threat of attack by hostile
groups consisting of the large number of well-trained
well-equipped paramilitary white supremacy groups, CIA
and white hate groups terrorists should be considered
as real and taken into consideration during physical
protection systems development.

We as a people have not been fully effective in
managing safeguards and security programs. The record
shows a long list of assassinations of key Africans in
leadership positions. We have not fully defined clear
roles and responsibilities for our leadership,
organizations, and operations. We are without a
functional management structure. And with ongoing
confusion about roles and responsibilities,
inconsistencies have emerged among our organizations
on how they assess African priorities. This in itself
is a threat to the security of the race.
African political groups are focused on evaluating
"prejudice, rights, freedoms, demonstrations, and
other liberal concerns," as if there were no security
threats confronting us. While the inadequate security
activities that some black NGOs (non governmental
groups) groups have tend to be focused on body
searching suspected blacks for weapons, and guarding
materials, cars, coats etc., We tend to rely on Aryan
law enforcement agencies to protect us from assault by
our avowed enemies. How absurd!

States and implicitly governments must no longer be
the primary referents of security, because governments
which are supposed to be "the guardians of 'their
peoples' security--have instead become the primary
source of insecurity for the many people who live
under their sovereignty, rather than the armed forces
of a neighboring country." This approach challenges
the idea of a state as an effective and adequate
provider of security to its people.

Our oversight & shortfalls in addressing mass
protection designs and the total number of African
Security Functionaries with expertise we would
need--which could make African Security a reality is
limited at this time in our development. The threat
our enemy poses demand that we effectively manage
security activities. We recommend the immediate
management of African safeguards and security
programs. The African masses have yet to respond to
these recommendations. Where is the African voice in
community discussion on Security pursuant to our
security needs? After the global response to September
11 security actions, world agencies took immediate
steps to improve security in the aftermath of the
security attacks. Example, world wide security
concerns moved to a higher level of security, which
required, among other things, better designed security
protocols. These actions are believed to have improved
world security.

The word Security is now in everybody's mouth, yet we
do not hear a whisper of "African security;" even as
our political well being remained uncertain. The
threats involved in the 9 11 attacks rendered obsolete
USA security designs, USA effort to develop and issue
a new design basis threat is still not in tact, nor on
par as stated by the 911 Commission Report.

We (IAS) are concerned with successfully addressing
the increased threats against the African Race despite
the world security situation. Securing the African
Race is our first priority; it will take time and
resources determined management and leadership as well
as new ways of organizing. Currently, we do not have a
reliable estimate of the cost to fully protect
treasures and ourselves. We call for a viable Africa
Security Design Basis Threat and funds to effect it.
It will take time to fully implement, validate, and
refine strategies that will effect our security from
the clear and present danger confronting us. We
propose the establishment of an African American
Security Council, which may evolve out of Africans in
North American security conferences--that may be
linked with Africans in the Caribbean and Brazil. Let
us begin.

Security Threats to the African Race: Design Basis
The fact that Africans "love" Aryans is a serious
threat to our Security.
History is replete with Campaigns where the love of
Aryans has been our failings. It is a threat to our
security to relay on others to fulfill our security
needs, i.e. aryan government, police and armies for
our security needs. It is absurd to expect that "they"
(Aryan Capitalist) will secure us.

Example: The reconstruction era ended when the disputed
presidential election of 1876 was resolved by a
comprise in which southern democrats allowed the
republican candidate, Rutherford B Hayes to become
President in return for the withdrawal of federal troops
from the south. Which had been manadated for the security of blacks
after emancipation--this left the Africans vulnerable
and open to the worst terrorist assault known in
America, thousands were murdered by whites that blamed
blacks for the civil war. And yes to this day aryans
are well aware that there are no securities for blacks.

The Threat of Genocide: why aryans fear us.
It's on the aryan agenda to eliminate the entire
African Race. The threat from aryan genetic science to
eliminate the entire African gene pool has already
been activated in East Africa. The disease of AIDS and
other exotic diseases were engineered and planted in
East Africa to destroy the African Race. East Africa
is the location of the African gene pool where the
strongest human gene in the biological system
developed, known as the melanin gene factor, the
primordial gene force from which humans and all other
life forms originated. For over 5 million years humans
had been black and just black--there were no other
color, it was only due to the ice age that melanin
went through a temporary lightening and non-black
humans emerged. We are now experiencing this temporary
lightening phase, which has been in effect for a mere
few thousand years.

Liberal concept purports the hypothesis of human color
diversity, which does not factor the fact that the melanin gene
dominates and will recolor the entire human race Black. This is the
fear of certain aryan geneticist and their strategy to
eliminate the black gene. They have advanced the
assault on East Africa the locus of human life on the
planet. The Sudan region homeland of the blackest most
beautiful humans on earth known as "People of the
Perfect Black" our greatest value. Aryans propose to
secure aryan purity by eliminating the perfectly black
gene. Aryans are the minority race on the plant; they
are losing population, and in all probability may
exhaust themselves into extinction.

Why is melanin Black? Melanin is black in response to
the permanent Plasma cosmic productive force, which is
perfectly black. Plasma is permanent space, which is
the primordial active force all else is impermanent
and temporarily active, such as fire and that which is
derived from fire. Black Space is the dominate "stuff"
in the universe, there isn't much matter in exist. Black
space which is alive generate everything, including
fire and that which transpire in fire--degrade from fire;

What is Melanin? Melanin is the
center and the strongest force of the biological earth
system's plasma, it's impermanent. Bio-Melanin is not
really black its actual color is a very dark
violet--regulated by laws affecting impermanent
substance; it could not be black, as true
black--perfect black exist only where there is not
light/fire. The sun is a brief little fire compared to the
perfectly-active-black autopoietic productive force,
that is the universe. Aryan Astrophysicist observers
that are studying this dynamic, refrain from naming
this phenomena "black productive force," they refer to
it as dark matter, which they recognize as a very
strong force "the strongest in the cosmos," which are called
blacks holes, blacks holes are in fact the 'after-fire' when star
systems burnout..and as said systems are being consumed
by the great productive Black Plasma.

The big bang theory in essence (the science of fire) is the study of
fire and the ignition of fire--the impermanent
substance of the universe; there is nothing productive
about fire. There's nothing great about "big bang
science" as new-physicist and other observers are now
beginning to recognize. In fact there are studies that show
that there never was a big bang. And that Big Bang theory is flaunted
with problems. Proponents of this theory are caught up
in illusion like moth attracted to flame.

The universe is not flame. Fire watchers with all their
calculation and instruments are deluded; and in a
waste of cognition. Such as Mr. Einstein's "unified
field theory." Which proves to be a study of the
impermanent and brief energy of fire--and light, the
product of fire. It matters little the speed of light,
it is temporal--after it is exhausted and consumed by
black plasma; its brief flicker is of no consequence.
Empirical research attest, that the Universe is eternal, infinite,
...and has no beginning and on ending

Dr. Boyd E. Graves Advisory on AIDS: show that AIDS 'threatens
African security.'

If AIDS is not deactivated, within 66 years there will
be no blacks in Africa." Dr. Basil E. Wainright,
Physicist & Three Time Nobel Nominee Nairobi, Kenya
November 2, 1999 Boyd "Ed" Graves The Man- Who Solved
AIDS On August 21st, 1999 in Ganonoque, Canada, Boyd
E. Graves, B.S., J.D. presented a 1971 Flow Chart to
the international medical and scientific community.
The Flow Chart is the "Research Logic Flow" of an
ultra-secret federal program entitled the "Special
Virus". Since August 1999, the Flow Chart continues to
receive intense scrutiny with many scientists and
medical doctors now going on record as confirming the
diabolical nature of the "Special Virus" program. The
"Special Virus" is the designer product of a century
long hunt for a contagious cancer that will
selectively kill. The"necessity" for the creation and
deployment of AIDS, is fully outlined in U.S.
population control policy decisions including
"National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM-200)
1974, written and presented by Henry Kissinger at the
mega-conference on population control held in
Bucharest, Romania. In 1992 Dr. Graves began his
research on the global AIDS pandemic in earnest. Today
he is serving his second year as Director-AIDS
CONCERNS for the international medical research
foundation, Common Cause, headquartered in Ontario,

Human Security: security designs to safeguard humans
from poverty and deprivation. Provide the fundamentals,
food, clothing, shelter, education, health care, and burial.

List of Threats to African Security:

1 The Threat of Genocide
2 Assassination of African persons in Leadership
3 Aryan Disease
4 Negative Impacts of the Aryan vicious Economy
5 Aryan Wars against the African Race
6 AIDS: threatens African Security
7 Aryan threats to the African World Earth based
8 Aryan Rape: of both female & male African youth, and
other crimes against African youth.
9 "Taking" of African youth: and incarceration,
African males are sure to be arrested by the age of
19, because the "crime of being black."
10 Biological warfare against the African Race
11 Psychological warfare threats
12 Aryan assault against the African Continent: thief
of and control of land & natural resources, toxic
chemical poisons against African people, the African
environment, including animal, flora, and fauna,
13 Programmed poverty: & other threats to wellness and
human security
14 Violent arrest by police--police brutality, which
constitute corporal punishment-- a crime against
15 Terrorist targeting the the African Race.
16 Assault from drugs: dumped on the African
Community, and the destabilizing effects it exerts on
the Race.
17 Lynching and aryan induced Black on Black armed
violence, in the form of gang warfare, tribal warfare,
internecine warfare, etc.
18 Assault of Aryan Programmed Junk Foods dumped on
the Race.
19 Assault of the "Modern Slave Trade" against the
Race (message, "their value is that of slaves")
The Arab Slave trade has never abated. It is an armed
assault against the race, yet we have never countered
with an armed attack, why? We do not have an Armed
Security Force. We do not have any security forces. A
nation without security is a nation in a precarious
20 Assault of "Human Trafficking"
21 Aryan control of African music culture: has Copt
youth and degraded African aspirations, and replaced
it with insults and derision against the Race.
22 The Assault of Toxic Waste
23 Assault of Biological weapons:
24 Medical assault against Africans
24 Chemical assault against Africans: environmental
racism the practice of dumping hazardous waste and
locating land fills incinerators, and other
environmental hazards in communities of color.
25 Assault of White Hate Groups: and their campaigns
for urban warfare against Africans.
26 The Threat of Black Capitalism: see N' COBRAS's
Black Fridays Campaign
27 Slave Culture & the "Slave Language structure": is
an important threat to our security because it impedes
communication, and by definition is a hostile language
system. See our paper Deconstructing the slavery
language construct.
28 Work security: threats to the right to work deprive
Africans of their fundamental right to life.
29 Assault against the single black mother family
30 Attacks against welfare mothers and the homeless
31 Forced sterilization: sterilization science a
significant threat against African women.
32 Health Dangers: See Reparations and Health Care for
African Americans: Repairing the Damage from the
Legacy of Slavery by Drs. Jewel Crawford, Wade W.
Nobles, & Joy DeGruy Leary, and this partial list of
other health dangers threatening the security of the
race. A. Radiation Ovens the proven dangers of
B. The Slavery diet "the foods that the slaves ate;"
which is now enculturated & esteemed as 'soulfood'
which constitute a serious assault on African health &
wellbeing; slave foods are inimical to biology because
they are toxic and unproductive to biological
operating systems. C. Alcoholism: Africans depressed
under aryan control take to drink in increasing
numbers, and aryan media targets our African youth
with the glamour of alcohol & cigarettes.
33 Sex exploitation
34 Economic exploitation, steal the African economy
and over-charging Africans for goods and services.
The Assault against African women: "Raise the Status
of Women and Safeguard their Rights and Interest."
(Slogan the Women Movement.) Security for African
women remains high on the humane agenda--she faces
compound threats. Stopping the violence against women
demand that we all take action to safeguard her
being & integrity.
35 Dangerous work conditions: industry assign blacks
disproportional to danger jobs.
36 African Cultural extinction: aryan designs to
eliminate African culture and other world cultures and
melt all into one "american consumer identity"
everyday we meet persons that do not know who or what
they are. This threaten the security of the Race; and
demean the natural significance of race.
37 Aryan surveillance: aryans threatens the
psychological wellbeing of Africans by constance--
surveillance--media refer to this paranoid aryan
cultural trait as racial profiling...but fact is aryans
cannot and will not relent surveillance of "the
negro." Their security is depending on keeping watch
on us; what they trust to be threats to their security.
38 Land Thief: Aryan assault against African property
holders to steal their land, and goods.

This paper is a draft (short form) of our concerns on
the issue of Aryan assault against the African Race;
it is a work in process. We have published a sampling
of issues that we have researched thus far: our intent
is to continue this work and make available other
findings, as we advance African security protocols and
Design Basis Threat against the terrorist assaults
that the Aryan race is perpetrating against us. You
are invited to contribute to this work.

Spokesperson: Dr BJ Luchion D.Sci. Theorist
Initiative for African Security

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