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Re: The Initiative for African Security

Todays greatest killers of black men (ARE BLACK MAN). We Must Grow up and stop blaming others for
our squalid ignorance. I love my people but I love the truth too! Go to Capetown South Africa
and see black men killing black men every day,
it is as it were they place no value on black life. This is why the black race is dying. When
a people become dehumanized to the point they
no longer place value on the life of their brothers and sisters there can be no security
under any circumstances. It is a waste of verbage
to write about aryan or any othe peoples inhumanity when black on black inhumanity simply won't end. Too many black men won't study anything but foolishness, yes fools hate knowledge. The only thing a fool hates more then knowledg are the people who seek and have knowledge. Here the same fools become full of; jealosy, enmity, animosity ultimately leading
to violence against the enlightened. making excuses, and blaming others will never solve our problem of mass disorganization as a people.
Africa has no future as long as it is divided
in so many hopeless powerless states that can do nothing for it's people. The leaders will not
united africa into the united states of africa
because they are blinded by their own personal ambitions. These parasites are only interested
in their own personal well being, they could care less about the thousands of babies starving to death everyday in (CUSH). The solutions to
the problems in africa is in the minds of the african people. We As A PEOPLE MUST CHANGE IN OUR MINDS. Our thinking must change, our values must change, our leaders must change. There must be a (UNITED STATES OF AFRICA NOW) Only then
will HAM'S glory be restored, only then can the original man be restored, only then will the
african people have the power and material resources to climb to it's feet again as truely independent men and womwn. We must stop looking beyond ourselves to other people for the solutions to our problems, and realize that as long as we place little or no value on the live of each other, as long as we refuse to educate our minds, as long as we perpetuate the foolishness we learn and love, and fail to recognize the enemies within us like; jealousy, selfishness, ignorance, divisivness, unrightiousness, greed, coruption in our leaders, coruption in our governments. We are cursed not by god, but cursed by each other. We hate to see our own brother or sister get a bigger piece of life than us. We Can't Stand to see our own people get ahead, so we tend to undermind each other, then act like a bunch of alcoholics in denial. Here in The year 2008 black men persist in being the most eliterate, stupid, gullable, violent, and literally the most dangerous threat to black security I know. It is not the aryan who is most likely to take your black life. I assure you if you have the misfortune of meeting one of those deaf killers marading about our black communities anywhere we exist in this world he will surely kill you, no quesions asked, sometimes just for a laugh. Too many of our leaders simply don't want organization because then they can't steal from us so easily then. Organization is life, every living thing is an organism, and it will continue to live as long as it can remain organized. We are not organized as a people, our minds are in kaos, we are a people who are disorganized as a collective body, and within our individual
concsiousness, we can't see why we need each other so desperately. We need each other as much as we need the air we breath, but we can't see this. If we did no african man would harm his brother. Here in lies our problem from african men at the top down to african men at the bottom. The Aryans disrespects us because we disrespect ourselves. If we want security we must stop doing all the things that undermind security, first we must love each other anough to stop killing each other, stop our leaders from stealing from us, we must organizes and bring about the wonderful (UNITED STATES OF AFRICA) We must not allow our own enemies that are within us, or anythhing else to stop us. We
are God's First children, surely God's glory is on us. We must end the curse that we have placed on ourselves thru ingnorance, violence, hatred, and all the negative charactoristics that we must free ourselves from forever. As A People We Must go to a higher plane of understanding, come to know a greater love of self and kind, find our fathers spirit rightiousness. We Must get up out of the muck and mire of civilizations thousands of years younger than our own, only if the black man will study, only if the black man will once again put on his mighty crown of knowledge and be king of all the worlds again, for only knowledge will make us kings again. For as long as we hate knowledge we will only be savages, blaming other people, asking other people to do for us exactly what we should be doing for our selves because we are just too stupid, too disorganized, too busy fighting and killing and hating, and stealing, and tearing each other down, in our sick delutions about other people holding us down, when it is we who are holding ourselves down in a self inflicted curse of super jealous lust at the spilling of each others blood, and unending desire to take from each other, to break into one anothers homes and steal your brothers television, or his only suit of clothing, his wife, or the last few dollars in his pocket. The (ENEMIE) is in the mind of the african man be he a leader at the top, or a brother at the bottom, the african man has got to get his mind together or there will never be a future for him again extinction awaits the stupid fool who hates knowledge, the stupid fool who will not study, the stopid fool who will not learn, the stupid fool who kills his brother. No, Hell no there will be no nice words to make the fool feel good only the truth, thats all we as african men deserve, and as long as we lie in the dust and wait for someone else to come along and pick our sorry asses up and set us on our feet, we deserver even worst then the dust we are lying in, we deserve (HELL) Oh our poor women, OH our poor children, I cannot even begin, such fine women, and such fine childern to be cursed with the affliction of such sorry ass men. All muscle and no damn brains, won't study anything but foolishness, because he's strong in everything but his mind, this is the truth. It's time we stop lying to oueselves about what is really wrong in our world and our lives, we as african men don't care about what really makes men powerfull, reason is the very communion with god, energy is the bases of concsioness thus, concsioness is awareness, awareness means I must reason to servive, to reason means I must be with God, for reason is the essence of God, God is not an invention God Is Our Father who is in heaven, heaven is in our minds. We Cannot be with God if our minds are empty, if we won't study, if we rely on the aryans to do all the studying because all we want to do is have sex and make a bunch a babies we can't support, and then watch all these poor children we made starve to death, then turn to the aryans and beg them to feed our babies. The aryans did not make our babies, the aryans did not sleep with our women and impregnate our women, yet the african man never places any (BLAME ON HIMSELF) for his own sorriness, his own incompetence, but he has unending blame for the aryans. Respect begins with selfrespect, it begins with men telling themselves the truth and accepting it in their own hearts and in their own minds first before they hold others peoples feet to the fire.
Al Hum du Allah...............Sabree Muhammad

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