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Osama Bin Laden's al-Quaida network

Guardian UK

'We have more suicide bombers set to strike'

Osama Bin Laden's al-Quaida network claimed last night that it had more suicide bombers to strike at US interests around the world.
In a pre-recorded video aired on Al-Jazeera television, the spokesman called on Muslims across the world to wage holy war, suggesting that there were many places in the world where the US was vulnerable to new attacks.

It was the first video from Bin Laden's network to be recorded after the US air strikes on Afghanstan began.

The message from Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, like the earlier one recorded by Bin Laden, also spelled out what were presented as the causes for the attack on New York and Washington, again linking the issues of Palestine and the bombing of Iraq to the attacks.

Bin Laden group threatens more hijackings

DUBAI (Reuters) - Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda militant group says that hijacked plane attacks on the United States would continue in a "battle" that would not end until the United States withdraws from Muslim lands.

Al-Qaeda spokesman Sulaiman Bu Ghaith said in a message carried on Qatar's al-Jazeera satellite television that the group believed in "terrorism against oppressors".

A Jazeera official said the station had received the video recording of Bu Ghaith's statement in the Afghan capital Kabul on Tuesday.

Bu Ghaith, who had appeared with bin Laden on a recorded statement issued via Jazeera last Sunday, is a wanted man in his homeland, Kuwait, where he was a prayer leader.

"Americans should know...The storm of the (hijacked) planes will not stop," he said, referring to the suicide plane attacks on New York and Washington last month which killed thousands and triggered a U.S. war on terrorism.

Referring to those who carried out the attacks, Bu Ghaith said that "they did good by taking the battle into the heart of America" and that the United States should know such attacks will not end.

His statement fell short of admitting any al-Qaeda involvement in the attacks but reiterated bin Laden's praise of the perpetrators in his videotaped remarks released on Sunday.

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