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It's a family affair

Richard Williams predicted his daughters would one day dominate. Little did he know Serena and Venus would prove him right so soon. The sisters are preparing to meet in their third Grand Slam final in the last four major events. Venus won last year's U.S. Open, and Serena claimed the French Open in June.

Back in 1884, at the very first major tournament, Maud Watson beat sister Lillian in the Wimbledon final. That was the only sibling-sibling Grand Slam final for 117 years.

A Williams will have won seven of the past 12 majors.

Their father and coach, Richard, back home in Florida, can be proud knowing that what once seemed like outlandish predictions - his daughters would be ranked 1-2, they would win a passel of majors, Serena eventually would be ranked higher -- have come true.

"It's tough enough to raise one great player. That's why I appreciate my parents," Serena said.

"They've really done not one, but two."


Mauresmo said: "I think it's a little bit sad for women's tennis. I think people are going to get bored with it; it was already a final at the French Open. I can't count how many people since yesterday have told me, 'we don't want a Williams final whatever'."


With feelings like this in the White circles no wonder they are pushing for drug testing. I'll bet they will test the Williams sisters regularly, either to frustrate their game or to find some way to stop them from "dominating" (to use their words) the sport.

They don't realize that their feelings are based on racism. They may be one of the few African sports people who do not make any attempt to appease Whites and they set their own standards both in fashion and in play.

It is good for Africans to know that they could be very aware of racism and 'succeed' without reducing themselves to a 'house negro'.

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