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Others worrying about what blacks believe..

It amazes me that european people like the aurora woman feel compelled to define who we another post on this board she stated that any mention of black people in ancient text does not mean that they are "negroid". What is a negroid?That term was used by whites to classify us...what gives them the right to do so?? If the blacks described in many ancient texts were not "negroids" were they "nigrillos",or "nigerinos" then??She failed to mention them.LOL!!
This aurora person also stated that if Africa was so great then we would look in Africa for signs of our civilization and not europe and asia..WELL why is ok then for europeans to look in africa,asia and every where else in this world for signs of their civilization?? Why is it that when ever a black people look in other nations for signs of our civilization and believe that they may have found evidence of african presence in other parts of the world we are "desparate" or mistaken?? This aurora person did not come here to "speak out" against mis-information she is a blatant racist who cannot tolerate the fact that blacks believe that they were an important and great force in other parts of the world before the dawn of "western civilization".
This aurora person should realize that we as black people have the right to search for the truth and if we believe that we have found it then we have the right to talk about it and embrace those theories until we find out for ourselves that we were wrong.
People like aurora have no right to tell us that our theories are "outlandish" or ridiculous especialy when some of the european worlds most ridiculous theories were held as fact for many years before they were proven theory was that blacks were inferior to whites(and many whites STILL believe it) and another was that blacks were some sort of non-human many years did that go unchallenged;)
If we blacks are wrong in our theories then we will be the ones to find it to be so...we should no longer have to believe that we are wrong just because someone of another race cannot find evidence of it or just tells us so...and yes their are many of us doing research to find the truth.
This reminds me of when black americans said for years that thomas jefferson(a former U.S. president) had fathered children with his black slave woman and that many blacks were his(jeffersons) decendants...this theory was thrown out by almost ALL of the white scholars and concidered slanderous
,and ridiculous by most whites that heard it. But guess what...genetic testing proved the blacks right after over a century of saying we were wrong! So Sopdet keep your head up and please do not let evil people convince you that you are wrong!
People like aurora shoud stay on the the stormfront or aryan message boards and leave us to discuss our own beliefs and theories about our own race.

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Others worrying about what blacks believe..
Re: Others worrying about what blacks believe..

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