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Re: Others worrying about what blacks believe..


This is nothing new. This type of mind-set is TYPICAL of most europeans who are BLINDED by racism (conscious and/or subconscious) We should not be surprised or frazzled by such behavior as HIStory has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that many europeans cannot conceive the TRUTH in regards to the Glory of the Afrikan World, except for some ancient europeans who could not fail but to recognize and speak of this, ex:

"A people now forgotten discovered, while others were yet barbarians, the elements of the arts and sciences. A race of men now rejected for their sable skin and frizzled hair founded, on the study of the laws of nature, those civil and religious systems which still govern the universe."

--Count C. F. Volney (Ruins of Empires)

This of course, is the exception to the rule, but ancient europeans were being SCHOOLED by our Ancestors, the only university in the world being in Afrika! Ultimately, this is what lead to the SUPPRESSION of TRUTH, coz once they got their hands on our Knowledge and Sciences, they did (and continue to do) everything in power to elevate themselves to the position of our Glorious Ancestors...but to no avail. From that time till now, they continue to draw from our Knowledge, resources, etc...all the while misdefining and perverting who and what we are.

It has become grossly predictable. We have non-Afrikans entering an AFRIKAN Nation, movement, land, gathering, message board..etc..etc... and trying to reinterpret what is ours! Cultural theives! How many times have we seen the same scenario???? They come into our "village" and STEAL, DESTROY, DIVIDE AND CONQUER, only to twist and pervert the story to suit their racist world order. Nothin new....nothin to be surprised at. If it quacks like a duck..and walks like a duck....ITS A DUCK! LOL

Please check out the book "Yurugu: An Afrocentric Critique of European Thought and Behavior" by Marimba Ani, and "The Iceman Inheritance" by Michael Bradley.



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Others worrying about what blacks believe..
Re: Others worrying about what blacks believe..

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