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Re: nubians did not develop greek fire

I guess that would depend on one's understanding of the levant. Which if my recollection serves me included Egypt.(See There are also historians who believe that Ancient Sumer was a black nation. For arguments sake lets say Abraham was white when he and his people migrated to Egypt. How white do you think they still were after 400 years of inter-breeding with the natives?

"Genesis 12:16 – Not only Hagar, but many of Abraham’s servants were gifts from Pharaoh and in this period it is fairly likely that many were Nubians. (Approx. 1921 BC)

* Genesis 13: 6-8 – Abraham had a large number of herdsmen and 318 male servants who were born into his house.

* Genesis 25 – Isaac, Abraham’s son and then Jacob inherited everything.

* Genesis 41:50 – Joseph fathered two tribes, Ephraim and Manasseh, by an Egyptian wife, automatically making Israel nearly 10 percent Egyptian. Joshua was from one of these half-African tribes, Ephraim;
In later years this tribe became so dominant that the northern tribes of Israel were sometimes simply called “Ephraim”."

If the Israelites were subjected to slavery under the Egyptians, they and their former servants were now all defined as Israel together; this means that much intermarriage must have taken place. Also, do you remember Mirriam turning white as snow? What color was she before?
Didn't Joseph's brothers mistake him for an Egyptian? And how did baby Moses get by Pharaoh?
"things that make me go hmmm"

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nubians did not develop greek fire
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Re: nubians did not develop greek fire
Re: nubians did not develop greek fire
Re: nubians did not develop greek fire
Re: nubians did not develop greek fire

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