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Re: Forced conversion in Sudan
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In fact, there is evidence that the Yoruba migrated from Southern Egypt and Sudan
I am glad you could make this connection.A very interesting book I read was called Jo lucas Relgion of the yorubas,which included similar traits found among yoruba and ancient kmt. The legend of the yoruba is that oduduwa a great king came from a great river in the east,and lead his people out into what is know Nigeria.
Yes,the lemba tribe are closely related to southern yemani people,which in parts of southern yemen people there are very dark skinned,
I don't know about African americans coming from eastern africa,which i understadn I don't doubt that populations might have came form that direction. Slave captains of ships did not keep good records of the slaves they bought.
I have heard stories about possible slaves in the carribean having connection to ethiopia.
I also read accounts where portugeese were capturing people from morocco.
for further connection you might want to check out the work of a western african egyptologist named lam. he has made some great connections to western africa and ancient kmt.
Le Sahara ou la vall‚ee du Nil? : aperūcu sur la probl‚ematique du berceau de l'unit‚e culturelle de l'Afrique noire
by Aboubacry Moussa Lam
if you can find an english translatio find that book
Another scholar who points out the kemetians influences inwestern africa is a man named p shinnie who has done much archeological work in africa.
De l'origine ‚egyptienne des Peuls
by Aboubacry Moussa Lam
another good book

Wainwright 1949. GA.Wainwright: Pharaonic Survivals between Lake Chad
and West Coast.- Journal of Egyptian Archaeology
ea wallis budge also admits that many tribes across africa have similar traditions to that of kmt before diop ever did. sir flinder petrie also admitted this.
Iwas wondering if also you are going to include in your book information about the egyptain labyrinth,which goes ignored in mainstream egyptology.

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Re: Forced conversion in Sudan.

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