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Re: A View on Reparations
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Excellent point and one that deserves attention.
A little known fact is that first of all, the majority of people in the confederacy did not even own slaves. Most of the issue about the civil war was about the nature of the government, going back to the time of the declaration of independnace, regarding whether the United States should be a federation of independant states joining together for economic and military purposes, or a centralized government, taxed and controled from a central source of authority.

Another little known fact is that slavery was in fact practiced by a very limited section of the white ethnic group. All Germans sided with the union, as did most Irish. None of these two groups, including the Dutch owned slaves.

Today, in America's ethnically mixed population, Germans make up about 22% of the total US population, thus comprising the single largest ethnic group in america. The Irish are second with about 18%. None of these people along with the Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, Dutch, Slavic people, Italians, Magyars and other white people that later added to the ethnic mix had anything to do with slavery. Still, this reparation fairy tale fantasy calls for indiscriminate white guilt and indiscriminate intolerance for all white people and thus constitutes in itself, a very racist concept that takes no account of the minority status of the actual slave owners.

Lastly, another fact carefuly swept under the carpet is the fact that powerful African nations emerged or grew as a result of ths slave trade such as Songhai, Hausa, Niger etc...All this as a result of selling slaves captured in raids or war against enemy tribes frmo the interior. Blacks sold Blacks as slaves but yet the Whites are left to deal with the entire guilt of this dreadful institution which, from ancient times has affected people of all races, colors and creds around the world.

The greatest crime against black people in teh United States was not in my opinion, slavery but rather the hypocrisy that followed the so-called emancipation and the lies perpetrated on Americans and the rest of the world. This was, unitl 50 years ago, a nation that demanded that its supposedly liberated black people sit at the end of teh bus or releave themselves in separate bathrooms while pursuing an active propaganda deppicting the US as a melting pot of equal races.

I remember reading about Jesse Owens' life na dbeing appalled when I read about how this great athlete was used as a tool and pawn of teh American media who praised him for defeating so-called Nazis (a blond white German athlete hugged him after his victory) when after his return to the Unite States, he still had to sit at the back of teh bus and answer to the call of "boy".

Slavery is the past that doesn't affect A SINGLE LIVING ENTITY IN THE UNITED STATES TODAY. As I previously stated, there isn't a single race or people in the world that hasn't been enslaved or trampled on but the issue is to what degree are people, whether born free, born as slaves or plain conquered natives, incorporated in the subsequent nation that arises after the ashes of war are blown off? That remains the issue.

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