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The Centuries-Old Vampire That "Romes"
In Response To: A View on Reparations ()

By Ras Jahaziel

When the arguments against Black Reparations are sifted and weighed in the balance, there is one overriding attitude that stands out like a centuries-old vampire that still refuses to die.
“Emancipation” did not kill him, “Civil Rights” did not kill him, Black national “Independence” did not kill him, and modern evangelism has not changed him. He still is a beast that views BLACK HUMANITY with malignant contempt. Even though he takes great care to cloak himself in righteous garments and often resorts to righteous pretense, he still cannot conceal the fact that his malignant contempt for Black humanity is still sticking to him as tight as his first birth-day suit.

This centuries-old vampire who has for so long roamed the plantation has ever shown by his words and his actions that in his estimation, Black life is not equal to other life. If the victims of a holocaust are white as in the case of “The Jewish Holocaust,” then no effort is spared in reminding the world that CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY have been committed. Monuments, commemorations and reparations are considered quite in order. But when the victims are Black as in the case of The African Holocaust, the vampire believes that they should be forgotten and dismissed as so much COLLATERAL DAMAGE. He even resents the use of the word “HOLOCAUST”in describing the Black experience at the hands of U-rope, and no matter how long he dips himself in religion he is still not convinced that the term “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY” should be used when the victims are Blacks. His words and actions
throughout history have long shown that “the vampire of malignant contempt for Black humanity” draws a firm line between “NEGROES” and HUMANITY.

So the truth has to be faced that the much boasted “civilization, and progress, and democratic values” are nothing but a transparent cloak disguising an unreformed vampire who is as arrogant, egocentric, self-deluded, and racist as he was in his formative years when he was not so concerned about disguises. This callous, insensitive and indifferent attitude towards the sanctity of Black life has always been common-place on HELL-PLANTATION, and it has become so “NORMAL” that it is like a pair of contact-lens that sit right on top of the eyes forming the vision of the viewer without being seen themselves.

Because of this vampire called “malignant contempt for Black humanity,” certain racist assumptions have become a sacrosanct foundation of thought permeating the psyche of “post-slavery” society. With the long indoctrination on these basic racist assumptions, it is little wonder that Black humanity is still seen in very much the same way as it was in the days of HELL PLANTATION when Black life was an expendable commodity that could be easily bought and sold. Long habit, long custom and long indoctrination have perpetuated the old attitude of “Work the slave to death and get another. The job is more important than the slave.” Of course today in this age of political correctness, that attitude is no longer prominently worn on top of the nose for everyone to see, but recent admission that the unparalleled brutality of black slavery is still not regarded as CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY shows that the old racist world-view has merely moved from spectacles to contact lenses.

The whole issue of REPARATIONS today is really a searching out of the soul to see how far our concept of “GOD” has evolved from the dark ages of barbarism, when “Christian” founding-fathers robbed, raped and butchered their fellow-man and then said “In the name of GOD, let us have a THANKS-GIVING DAY.”

The vampire, “malignant contempt for black humanity,” was the chief architect of that concept “GOD” which held that SLAVE MASTERS, SLAVE-CATCHERS, ROBBERS and INVADERS should be honored and glorified, while showing little concern for the people who put in the real hard work that created today’s first-world wealth.

Because of the resurfacing of the reparations issue, international morality and conscience are now being tested to their very core, and the moral authority of THE INHERITORS OF THE SLAVE-MASTER LEGACY is once more proving to be as bankrupt as it ever was. To honor COLUMBUS-invaders and slavers while denying that the Black experience at the hands of Europe meets the definition of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, amounts to condoning the brutal robbery and enslavement of the African peoples. To hold this position IN THE NAME OF GOD is a profession of faith in a god who either condones crimes against humanity, or else he is being seen as a god who made the world’s non-white peoples on the same level as the chickens and goats and pigs which men slaughter every day with impunity thinking that “such lower life-forms were made “for the service of man.”

In these trying times when the mighty are waging war in the name of “RIGHT” it becomes most imperative that such long-standing concepts of “GOD” be re-examined, because if one’s concept of “GOD” is wrong, so too will be one’s concept of “RIGHT.” When racism has been truly abandoned as a guide for international policy, there will be a general willingness to accept certain basic truths which were hitherto not admitted.

Foremost amongst these truths will be the fact that somewhere in the darkness of our formative years, A CRIMINAL GOD-HEAD had enthroned itself in the spiritual seat of government. One of our great philosophers (Dr John Henrik Clarke) once said “ALL HISTORY IS CURRENT EVENT.” If at one stage of your history, your god condones and pardons terrorism, and every year you reaffirm the fact of his criminal nature by offering up thanks for the spoils, how will
you escape the bloody scourge of terrorism at a later stage of that same history? If it is agreed that both the slave and the slaver all shared one common humanity, then in light of the extraordinary and UNPARALLELED barbarity that accompanied black slavery, it is fair to say that today’s leading “democracies” have been built on CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

The only escape from such a conclusion is to argue that some of the builders were not humanity.
And this is the question that the children of Africa are asking today, how can your democracy be valid, how can you be truly recognized as an enlightened civilization when you declare that some of your citizens have fore-parents that were “humanity” and some have fore-parents that were not?

Does such ideology not show that today’s generation is still worshiping the same god who yesterday condoned terrorism against the world’s non-white peoples on the grounds of their supposed “NON-HUMANITY?

This revelation automatically poses another question..........
How can the hands of present generations be free of the blood of past generations if they are still worshiping the same god-head that condoned terrorism against the world’s non-white people yesterday on the basis of their supposed NON-HUMANITY ?

If as a people we were not DOPED by the vampire of malignant contempt for Black humanity, the voice of reason would have long brought a change to the old world-views which concocted a god who stood on the side of the racist. It is funny how the same god that gets a people wealth and power can also blind them from seeing the precipice of their own making.

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The Centuries-Old Vampire That "Romes"

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