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Re: The Hindu Civilization
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Let's start from the b4eginning. In ancient times particularly between 6000 B.C. to about 1700 B.C., a great Black race comprising of the Ethiopic descendants of Cush and the Black Australoid population developed the civilization of the Indus Valley, (for more on this see "The Black Untouchables of India," also see "Susu Economics," and these websites and "A HISTORY OF RACISM"

Bands of wandering nomads who spoke a language classification called "Aryan" are said to have attempted to sweep into India but the Black Cushites and Dravidians of India were among the world's most advanced fighters. In fact, all the chariots seen in Indian paintings in the Bagavad Gita are Ethiopian/Kushite chariots, and Drusilla Dungee Houston, elaborates on that in her book, "Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire," pub. 1925 and republished in 1985 (Black Classics Press, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A)

There is some doubt about how the Aryan-speakers got control of India and enslaved the Black Dravidians and Cushites (the British used the term "Dravidian" in their colonial sojourn in India...the ancient Greeks called the Blacks of India "Eastern Cushites," because except for hair texture, the Greeks saw them as identical to "Ethiopians" (not from Ethiopia but the Blacks of Africa).

Before the barbarians who were nomads and wanderers of the Eurasian Plains entered India, it was a mighty civilization, where the family system was similar to what we have in parts of Africa today. Men led their families, but women were given the utmost respect. Boys and girls were equal. Cows and other livestock were used for food and farming was popular. The ancient Blacks of India were superb craftsmen and women as well.

Well, IT BEGINS WITH RACISM, PURE AND SIMPLE, although today, this racism is hidden or sanctified as part cultural tradition. When the "Aryans" who were mainly Europeans arrived in the Pakistan, Afghanistan and Northern India region, the entire region was inhabited by Black Negroes (Cushites) and Black Australoids (Dravidians). These two groups have always been in India, from the Mountain regions to Sri Lanka. In fact, the earliest example of the Negrito type still in existance lives in the Andaman Islands and the Nicobars. Yet, these groups of short Negrito people are one branch of a much greater variety of Black types found in India before the invasion, and who continue to exist there today.

For example, recent genetic tests done on Back Indians from Southern India show that they cluster genetically towards Africans, while the high caste Indians cluster towards the Indo-European people who inhabit much of Punjab and the "cowbelt" regions. (Look for 'Sudra Holocaust," at get the story from Indians themselves )

From as early as 1700 B.C., when the barbarians arrived to about the time of Christ, there has been many wars in India between the Black Dravido-Cushites who are part of the Pan-African race and the Indo-Europeans who are related to Iranians, Europeans and use the same linguistic system as Europeans. The most horrible atrocities were committed during that period and mucn of the Black population of Northern India was wiped out.


It is a fact, that "untouchability" began as a skin and color system of stratification. In fact the term used is "varna" which means "color consciousness." Therefore, take any group of UNTOUCHABLES OR DALITS AND DO GENETIC TESTING AND ONE WILL SEE THE STRONG AFRICAN GENETIC CONNECTION AS WELL AS THE OUTWARD FEATURES. Of coure not all Untouchables are darkskinned and have Black Dravidian or African Negroid features, some are light and have more Mediterranean/Iranian features, however, in the beginning of this system, it was based on color of skin.
IN FACT EVEN TODAY, RACISM BASED ON COLOR OF SKIN IS VERY STRONG IN PARTS OF SOUTH ASIA AND IN SOUTH ASIAN COMMUNITIES IN MANY PARTS OF THE WORLD, AND THAT IS WHY, MANY PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD, ESPECIALLY BLACKS BUT INCLUDING WHITES WHO TEND TO BE SOCIALLY RACIST FIND PEOPLE FROM INDIA WHO SHOW CASTE OR RACIST TENDENIES TO BE REPUGNANT, in the same way they would find World War II Germans, Tribalist Africans in Rwanda, certain people who oppress others in parts of the world or Zionists to be uncool, even while they have their own problems to fix here in the U.S.


According to M. Gopinath (the ancient religion and books of the original Blacks of India was taken ovr by the barbarians, after these barbarians entered India and infiltrated the priesthood (RASTA, TAKE NOTE). They then used the system of culture in India (which is very identical to the African system of Trade Guilds and Secret Societies where members specialize in one particular craft and trade), and applied it to the color of skin as a means to give certain skin tones certain jobs. Hence, the Untouchables, who were also "unseeable, unthinkable," and who were the ones who constantly fought the invaders, were kept at the very bottom, BECAUSE THEY WANTED NO PART OF THE CASTE SYSTEM.

Anyone who wants to know the facts read, "The Black Untouchables of India, or read "Susu Economics"


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