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Re: The Hindu Civilization
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"They then used the system of culture in India (which is very identical to the African system of Trade Guilds and Secret Societies where members specialize in one particular craft and trade)"

I'm glad you mentioned this because judging from other posts one gets the impression that the Caste system originated in India. Diodorus Siculus, the ancient Greek historian clearly identifies this system as the framework of Egyptian society. He also goes on to describe the tenets of their system, and with the absence of racism, the results are in stark contrast to what occured under its mongrelized version in India.
"There are three other classes of free citizens, namely the herdsmen, the husbandmen, and the artisans. Now the husbandmen rent on moderate terms the arable land held by the King, the Priests and the Warriors, and spend their entire time in tilling the soil; and since from very infancy they are brought up in connection with the various tasks of farming, they are far more experienced in such matters than the husbandmen of any other nation...and what has been said applies equally well to the herdsmen, who receive the care of animals from their fathers as if by a law of inheritance...but to this they add not a little by reason of their own interest in such matters; The crafts also among the Egyptians are very diligently cultivated and brought to their proper development; for they are the only people where all the craftsmen are forbidden to follow any other occupation or belong to another class of citizens than those stipulated by the laws and handed down to them from their parents, the result being that neither ill-will towards a teacher nor political distractions nor any other thing interferes with their interest in their work...Such, then, were the divisions of the citizens, maintained by the early inhabitants of Egypt, and their devotion to their own class which they inherited from their ancestors."
Just like every other African ideal this system was corrupted and used to enslave its originators.

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