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Re: Has anyone read....?
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hey Renada:

Thanks for your reply. I am actually on my way bact to the book store to read the next chapter or two. I don't know if I will buy it, because for me personally I don't want to put money in his pocket if he does not come out strong against the use of the word.

I am a high school teacher and I talk with the students that I hear using the word. I will share some of the things I say with them with you (since you say you use it) and this is not to argue, but maybe give you something to think of that you amy have not thought of.

Now first let me say I am fully aware of the different ways it may be claimed to be used.

First I am sure you have seen pictures of Lynchings or the burning of blacks in America. With all the white people around laughing and having a good old time. Some even brought food to eat, like it was a picnic or something------I ask you this do think they thought they were killing a "human being" or a "nigger"?--------YOU CAN NOT DO THAT TO A HUMAN BEING. Do you even want to take a chance of keeping that mentality alive.

Who do you think got treated better on the plantation A) the slave that refused to respond to the word Nigger or B) the slave that said "yes boss Iya be a good Nigger and get the horses"?

Would you say "sup nigga" to Dr Martin Luther King Jr? If he deserves a higher level of respect don't you as well?

Oh you say "Nigga" not "Nigger"----first they have been saying "Nigga" in Maine for hundreds of years and if I call my son "stupid" or "Stupa" dp you think he feels any better?

The bottom line is whites, not blacks used this word to dehumanize and strip the black person of their humanity and now they can stand back and watch them do it to themselves.

The problem with the use of this word now is that every race is using it in "a positive" way yet when each race gets dressed up to go to a job interview the only one that we have to worry about still being a "Nigga" is the black person.some interviewers will be wondering to themself, is this Black guy A Martin Luther king Type or is he a Thug for life type.

Use the word if you want but just remember that the only race that will be harmed by its continued use will be the black race. Now if your black that should be something for you to be concerened with and if your not black I hope you can have compassion for the black race.

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