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Forfeit the Negro Enemy

Papuans are not blacks or Negroes. Papuans are people, which are of Asian origin and descent.The Papuan has problems just as Arabs,Jews,Russians and any other other member of planet Earth have problems. Don't try to class Papuans and Aborigines as some dumb blacks. For the 3 most certainly can not represent the same identity. The Negroe according to Charles Darwin, and Sigmund Freud is thee lowest of the human ranks despite the supposed smaller brain cavity of the aborigine whose recent I.Q. test proves to be at 90 pts. That is 25-30 points higher than an African Negro and 5 pts. higher than some Afro-American. The Papuan I.Q. is roughly 96 and the cranium is a great deal larger. Not to mention, the blood type is AA or AB. Something like that anyway which makes it further from the Negroes blood type. The Papuan is known to have kinky hair however this isn't the prime characteristic of Papuans.Nor is BLACK skin of the Sudanese and
Somalian characteristic of the Papuan. Papuans were thought to be black in the Ignorant Age because of the dark skin but, after studying and even simple up close observation we now know better. The Aborigine, not the caucasian or Nigress, is in fact the hairiest race on earth anr his hair also grow at a fater rate than any others. The Negro is thee total opposite and these are clear written facts. The average Negro female can barely grow hair and has to purchase theirs from a store. The African American and Jamaican grow hair long only because of the caucaisan lineage in their blood stream. How many hairy Africans have you ever seen? Where do Negroes come off claiming every race as a member of theirs anyway. Papuans have a place to call home. The Negro race is homeless. Even in the land of Africa where they can not swim with human women and can't even farm the land THERE. Mugabe is trying to make a difference yet, no tremendous breakthrough is likely to occur. The Negro is living in shame hating his history, his being and despising others. Their history is shame. Now they desire everyone to honor them just as the caucasian has been honored. Wanting everyone of color to say their African or black. What history does a 60,000 race of Australia have with a race that doesn't know his way around the land he is native to. Why on Earth would thee Papuan betray his self worth to cling on with have nothing to give but every desire to steal? Black History isn't our history and the shame,guilt and heavy burden of self slavery is what has the Negro reaching out like a child's hand in a grab bag. Papuans owe no acknowledgements to the poor Negroe. His future is bleak if even there is one for it.Papuans have never experienced internation hate. The Papuan is not hated by the Arabs,Jews and rest of the world body and why would we want to share in on this? Papuans don't and never will! The war between the African tree dwellers and the mountain men from up north is THEIR war not every one elses. Melanesians and Australians will always strive and thrive together for what ASIANS are for the advancement and bettering of self. This is no lie! We will use the human attribute of social adaptation to self heal what was torn. We will not have what whites didn't have, what Arabs didn't have, what Native Americans tried to stop and that is thee unnatural infusion of the Negroe presence and heredity beyond his encroaching borders. Arabs hated blacks and routinely killed them in the same way hunters do to contain deer and certain wildlife population. Egyptians did have blacks however, like present America they really didn't hold any authority and were the brawns. The study of Negroes showed humans that if they were not under the supervision of the white race their civilization would fall into a situation of dicord and conflict due to the negroes weaks social skills. This is why those Negroes have not
and will not recieve reparations just as the intelligent Jew and Japanese have. Look at Liberia which was a land of reparations for Negroes.Poor nation has about 5 militant army's in one tiny nation opposing authority and each other.While Israel kicks about 7 nation's butts at once. The Negroe is a social handcap which prohibits him from communicating and progressing on a human level.Even the African American doesn't know what life is outside of neighborhood beef gang fights and other urban tribe warefare. Yet, he knows what the crackpipe life is down to a T. The evolution of the Negro is said to be 200,000 years unchanged. The Negro hasn't advanced any in the 20th century and life is hitting them harder in the 21st century. Ask yourself, "is the Negro doing more for himself now than in 1925?" Or "is he the only stagnant race on earth?" the I.Q. of 85 is barely above retardation and puts Negroes just under Koko the gorilla's I.Q. capacity. Even Mountain Gorillas are socially able to unite against, lions , tribesmen, hyenaes and enemies.The weak I.Q. and poor social skills of the negro shows that the Negroe endangers himself not the whites,jews or others. These are the reasons they want Australians and Papuans to connect with them. Old saying goes "misery loves company." What situation are those Negroes in?

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Forfeit the Negro Enemy
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