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How comical a Papua white supremist
In Response To: Forfeit the Negro Enemy ()

''Papuans are not blacks or Negroes. Papuans are people, which are of Asian origin and descent''

Well,technically the word Negroe just means black. Going by the literal definition most Africans are not black but brown. Asians have various phenotypes from the Mongolid variety to the Austric variety which ther aboriginals and some Indian tribals fall into.

I agree that Papuans,despite their African phenotype,are genetically closer to an Indian from India than an African from Central Africa.

''The Papuan has problems just as Arabs,Jews,Russians and any other other member of planet Earth have problems''

Arabs never came incontact with many Papuan New Guineans. I am sure if many had during the Middle Ages they would have wrote that Papuans were the lowest creatures on the planet due to their cannibalism and other customs that would appear equally strange in the eyes of Arabs.

It appears,however,the a age old slave trade has existed that was conducted by other races against the Papuans.

See the following:

Dutch Governor of Ambon, Johan Abraham van der
Voort, what looked like a routine case of inter-village rivalry became
a full-scale indictment of Hamba, the VOC's handpicked "Commandant of
Seram" and the man responsible for controlling Indonesian spice
smugglers and Papuan slave raiders in the unruly East Seram district.
The political scandal that followed, summarized in a VOC dossier
housed in the Indonesian National Archives, unmasks an old web of
elite family and trade connections emanating from the Seram Sea and
stretching across the entire world of Maluku and Islamic West Papua.

Not to mention that many Melanesians from Solomon Islands were brought as slaves to Austrlia. Their ancestors still live in Austrlia and they can tell you this from first hand.

''Don't try to class Papuans and Aborigines as some dumb blacks. For the 3 most certainly can not represent the same identity''

I agree,but Papuans are definatley not something that Africans want to be classed with. I means what exactly has the Papuan accomplished? At least when the Europeans came to Africa,the Africans had cities,organized goverment,iron smelting,origanized trade,and even specality crafts and trades. I would must rather be a Yoruba from Nigeria than a stone-age Papuan whose only invention is a earth oven.

'' . The Negroe according to Charles Darwin, and Sigmund Freud is thee lowest of the human ranks despite the supposed smaller brain cavity of the aborigine whose recent I.Q. test proves to be at 90 pts. That is 25-30 points higher than an African Negro and 5 pts. higher than some Afro-American''

According to Charles Darwin both the African and Austrlian was below humanity. This also includes the Papuan.

See the following excerpt from Charles Darwin:

Charles Darwin from (6th edition) The Origin of the Species: "Natural Selection is incompetant to account for the incipient stages of useful structures." Charles Darwin from The Origin of the Species: "Why then is not every geological formation and strata full of such intemediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and serious objection which can be urged against the theory." Charles Darwin from The Descent of Man: "At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world. At the same time, the anthropomorphous apes...will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilized state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as now between the Negro or the Australian and the gorilla."

You are getting your eschwed IQ data from Richard Lynn,a Psychologist from Sctoland,that claims that Senegalese Africans have a higer IQ than people of Ireland. Aboriginals and Papuan New Guineans were seen as having small brians to.

In the British Museum there is still cranial from Aboriginals,Papuans,and others that were studied by scientists and they all concluded that Papuans had small brians.

''The Aborigine, not the caucasian or Nigress, is in fact the hairiest race on earth anr his hair also grow at a fater rate than any others. The Negro is thee total opposite and these are clear written facts. The average Negro female can barely grow hair and has to purchase theirs from a store. The African American and Jamaican grow hair long only because of the caucaisan lineage in their blood stream. How many hairy Africans have you ever seen? ''

I have seen many Africans that can grow long beards like the Dogon and even some Western Aricans. I honestly have never seen Papuan Women with long hair. The Papuan women look exactly like the males to be honest,and their hair is usually kinky.

The caucasoid admixture in modern African Americans is 30%. The percentage for Jamacians is probally even lower.

'' Papuans have a place to call home''

Not really because Papuan's homeland is often exploited for mineral resources and used as a dump site for nuclear waste. Indonesians occupy lots of Papuan land also. Look at Irian Java.

''The Negro race is homeless. Even in the land of Africa where they can not swim with human women and can't even farm the land THERE. Mugabe is trying to make a difference yet, no tremendous breakthrough is likely to occur.''

Hashahahah Like in Port Moresby a women walking down the street can get raped for nothing. The crime in Port Moresby is so bad that the residents protest. At least many areas in Africa like Dakar Senegal are safer than Port Moresby. The constant gang rapes in this area shows that Papuans have no moral construct.

See the following articles on this issue

''The Negro race is homeless. Even in the land of Africa where they can not swim with human women and can't even farm the land THERE. Mugabe is trying to make a difference yet, no tremendous breakthrough is likely to occur. The Negro is living in shame hating his history, his being and despising others. Their history is shame. Now they desire everyone to honor them just as the caucasian has been honored. Wanting everyone of color to say their African or black. What history does a 60,000 race of Australia have with a race that doesn't know his way around the land he is native to. Why on Earth would thee Papuan betray his self worth to cling on with have nothing to give but every desire to steal?''

The question arises why Africans who have culture,relgion,cities,and other developments on their own want to associate with Papuans who have nothing. Papuans never even learned to mine iron ore and smelt it. You definatley have some culture to be jealous of.

''Black History isn't our history and the shame,guilt and heavy burden of self slavery is what has the Negro reaching out like a child's hand in a grab bag. Papuans owe no acknowledgements to the poor Negroe. His future is bleak if even there is one for it.Papuans have never experienced internation hate. ''

Papuans were enslaved also. Errol Flynn used to own slave ships in Papua New Guinea. Austrlians used Papuan New Guineans for slaves also.

''Arabs hated blacks and routinely killed them in the same way hunters do to contain deer and certain wildlife population''

Yes,Arabs wrote many disparinging things about Black Africans;however Arabs also wrote many things about Slavic Europeans comparing them to leapers. Arabs thought that blue-eyes was a low rank of humanity. In pre-Islamic Arabia there is even a black hero named Anatar whose poetry hands in the black stone of Makkah. Not to mention that Ethiopians ruled Yemen for over 500 years. The Hadra in Yemen are amung the oldest population of Yeman,and they are clearly black.

'' Egyptians did have blacks however, like present America they really didn't hold any authority and were the brawns. ''

Upper Egyptians in Egypt were black and are still black. Most of the earliest dyansties came from Southern Upper Egypt. What you say is not true. The 18th dyansty came from what is modern day Luxor.

''. The study of Negroes showed humans that if they were not under the supervision of the white race their civilization would fall into a situation of dicord and conflict due to the negroes weaks social skills. This is why those Negroes have not ''

Black Africans were quite fine before whites showed up. Many in Western Africa like the Igbo had a democratic goverment with checks and balances. What did the Papuans have?

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