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Re: If negroes feel race doesn't exist......?

Come now Typhoon, your line of reasoning is essentially flawed. You’re putting the egg before the chicken. While I admit that many black people (or should I say people of majority African descent) are obsessed with race, this obsession is not of our own creation. When I say that race is not real, I mean this purely in the literal sense. Race has no basis in genetics, however as a social construct race is very real, and many people, particularly of African descent have felt the division, the hate, and the ill effects caused by the societal notion of race. Indeed the history of the United States is inextricably tied to the notion of race, because after all this was to be a nation for and by “white” people. Do no ignore the fact that race was an ideology that grew out of 17th century Eurocentric pseudo-sciences that sought to divide humanity into classes, this ideology was accepted by academia for a longtime, until real scholars raised the bar on objectivity, and apparently listening to you some people still believe this hogwash. Nevertheless, Dr. Johann Friedrich Blumenbach ( a 17th Century German physiologist and anthropologist was one of the first to espouse these ideas of race, and how convenient was it that he a white man placed white people at the top of his neat little chart. He also coined the term Caucasian because ‘He thought’ that the most superior human skulls came from a region near the Caucus Mountains. Euro centrists at the time readily believed the nonsense that Blumenbach proposed, simply because, first Europeans wanted to believe that white people were somehow superior to people of color, secondly because the transatlantic slave trade was in full sway and Blumenbach’s ideas vindicated traders from the immoral acts of trading human lives as property. The United States throughout history has used these ideas continually to oppress and allowed by the law to disenfranchise people of color. Take for instance the Jim Crow Laws

It is easy for a white person to say that race doesn’t matter anymore, especially if they have been fooled by the multicultural propaganda, and don’t have an accurate understanding of history and present day realities. As a white person it’s easy to say oh just get over it racism is dead, however a white person has certain assurances that are predicated by white skin privilege, that most people of color cannot be guaranteed.
A white person can guarantee that when they go to a job interview, the interviewer will asses them by their achievements and not by the color of their skin.
A white person can guarantee that they wont be followed or harrased when they go into a grocery store.
A white person can guarantee that they can live in a neighborhood where their neighbors will be neutral or pleasant to them.
A white person can guarantee that when they send their children to school the will be adequately educated, see themselves in history books, and have teachers who encourage them to succeed.
The list goes on my friend. As for me, a person of African decent I cannot guarantee any of these things. Yet I excel inspite of it, however I would be a fool not to think that most white people who see me judge me as a black man before anything else. Even if it is not ill intended, most whites cant help it, racism has been ingrained in them, therefore I must walk outside everyday cognizant of what affect race might have on me. So don't blame blacks for dealing with race out in the open, thats the way white people made it.

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If negroes feel race doesn't exist......?
Re: If negroes feel race doesn't exist......?
If negroes feel race doesn't exist......?
Re: If negroes feel race doesn't exist......?
Re: If negroes feel race doesn't exist......?
Re: If negroes feel race doesn't exist......?

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