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Re: Negroid roots of Ireland
In Response To: Negroid roots of Ireland ()

I think this might be true. From what i have seen, alot of irish have african eye..that is, the eyes are pushed further in the head and alot of the have full lips. My last name is irish but I my family is also cherokee, blackfoot. But I look just like brian grant with his egyptian beard.
Ok this should really blow this conversation wide open. I am new here but I have recently discovered that I am of native american decent. How do I know this. the biggest clue and the one that will shock all of you is MY beard. My beard is scanty. My beard ONLY...I repeat ONLY grows on my chin. I does not grow on the sides of my face and it grows really slowly. It dawned on me that white people make such a huge deal that egyptians shaved. Why because I have never seen a white person who has hair growing only on their chin with a thin mustache. So whats the big deal. Ancient Egyptians also recognized the distinction between the way their beards grows and that of the fairer races. It would be nice if some could do a genetic study and test the dna of mummies with that the american indians with scanty beards. I guarantee you will discover that your view of what ancient egyptians are..line in their appearance. Ancient egyptians traveled to america and became lost and stranded but their dna was not widely mixed. YOu will not find a picture of a native americans beard on the internet. Ask yourself why? Now check this link out and you clearly see that egyptians only had small patch of hair that grew on their chins....and all the other races except nubian i think also had full beards. So for all the people who suggest that egyptians shaved, why would they depict whites as not shaving as themselves as shaving. I will tell, because whites can't conceive of the notion that people exist such as myself who don't shave and only have hair growing on chin and mustache. and if you want a perfect example of this..look on internet for the nba basketball player Brian Grant..look at all of his pictures close up and you will see how his beard grows. Thats how mine grows and thats how these egptians beard grew on the link that I will provide. Now lets see some real discussion.
and for the pics that will pretty much kill all of your arguments you have placed for a year on this site..the pics. We are one people..people of all races have made significant contributions to advancement of american civilization.

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