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Who are Black Africans?

For the past couple of years,Ihave been reading many books on race, ethnicities, origins of people. So many things idid not realize until now. For instance there were/and are some people who do not know where the black race comes from. In the olden days many ministers and religious people read the book of Genesis and they still did not know where did black africans(the negroid race) and their descendants came from.The bible speaks about allof man kind descended from Noah's 3 sons - Shem, Ham, and Japheth. According to the bible and biblical scholars Ham descendents formed the people of egypt, ethiopia, libya,and the rest of nort east africa.Iwas told that ham's descendants populated allof africa including the western part of africa. However according to many anthropologists who lived prior to the 1900's and even some modern current scientists/anthropologists all North Africans, North East africans ,East africans, are not considered to be true Negroes or in modern words black africans ofthe Negroid race.Also Iwas surprised to read that the Pygmies, Bushmen, hottentots,and Nilotic africans are also not considered to be true negroes or black africans. Reading allofthis makes me wonder if many ofthe scientists and anthropologists are giving the majority of african population credit for being mainly related to the caucasian race and less credit for being part of the Negroid race.Ifthat is the case my question is who are black africans and where do they come from? How do black africans fit into alof this.Iknow about west africa and the slave trade but it seems ironic to me that researchers are giving west africans very little credit for anything except slavery.

Just my thoughts
Iam open 4 opinions.

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