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consider the following...

This isn’t really a response to any particular post or thread contained on this site. I have managed, in the last couple of days, to take a look and read through various postings through here and I have learned a couple of things. First of all, it’s amazing to me that there are so many opinions on one particular issue at any given time and it’s also amazing to me that there is such a high level of hatred and bitterness contained in some of the posts. Isn’t the point of having an open forum to discuss, rationally, different viewpoints without degrading or making fun of a differing opinion; so that everyone can gain a new perspective and work together for a common good and common goal?

That being said, I have come to the conclusion that no matter what the U.S. does, there is always going to be someone who has to critique that action. If the U.S. decides to take military action, then there is an outcry “they are killing innocent people”; if the U.S. doesn’t take military action, there is an outcry “oh they don’t care”; if the U.S. sends food aide of some sort, there is an outcry “we don’t like that sort of food”; if the U.S. doesn’t send aide “can’t you see we’re starving?” Where was it ever agreed upon that the U.S. is single handedly responsible for taking care of the world’s problems? Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I am proud to be an American. There are some exceptions, of course, like the Clinton years, the “smut” that Hollywood is presently calling TV viewing, or the fact that professional sports people get paid astronomical salaries that it doesn’t even begin to make sense or register in the average person’s brain. My point is that while the U.S. gives billions of dollars (dollars, which I might add come mostly out of the tax payer’s pocket) to other countries in foreign “aide”, who helps the U.S. when thousands upon thousands of children here are starving in the inner cities? Who shows compassion to the U.S. when droughts or floods devastate farmland? Who shows compassion to the laid off workers of factories when companies shut down? Nobody says, “Let’s get up a monetary help effort to aid the millions of abused and battered women of the U.S.” Women who are constantly on the run from abusive spouses. Yes, you see, even in the “great” country of the U.S., these problems occur. Yet, the U.S. is expected to fend for itself.

But, in spite of, or maybe because of, these problems, the U.S. does help out with problems around the globe. Whether it’s morally right or acceptable to bomb a country is not the issue at hand. Whose originally trained these countries in “terrorism” tactics is not up for discussion. Everything is a mute point. Why? Because when you get down to the bare facts, each and every nation in the world has the same problems. What makes the difference and makes a shining distinction is whether or not that nation is willing to put aside their differences and help out. That is humanitarian aide. That is the over all character of “nation building”. Large or small, rich or poor, the world’s greatest strength is that we can rely on our differences to make a difference. Be a friend, show compassion, give love. That, after all, is the golden rule. And maybe, just maybe, if this were practiced a little more, some of these problems we all are facing would be solved.

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