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Re: America has been at war with

David you are becoming more and more elusive. I recalled the international community the British MPs the Nation[s] of England waiting to hear Tony Blair's evidence. If at all Blair had something icing thick as though it may have compelled the terrorist who and wherever they were to surface at that time Israel was doing their best to steal the spotlight. Maybe they taught the English was about to blow the whistle, Blair had so much drama to his televised address by the time he had finish-speaking people sat around still waiting to hear something different not realizing that the man had nothing else to say even the Barbarians in the House of Commons delayed the applause. In the mean time the Israelis stepped up their assassinations with a greater degree of violence to a point that the world did not know which was the real flash point, Palestine or Afghanistan. It was like flipping scenes in a Hollywood drama, again glorifying violence mayhem and murderers at all cost.
Have you ever tried to peered into the American psyche... then look at Hollywood how they display American/Zionist culture... at all cost "now Fix the puzzle" [911] vehicles are wrecked.. Houses on fire... bystanders are shot and killed...children and women are held hostage... Planes are falling out of the sky... 'Wow! This movie is good’ old folks are humiliated.. 'That’s the funny scene 'animals gored...Blacks are either laughed at...or idolized as performing arts and sport personalities'.... they make good back-up or supporting artist...finally! Clint Eastwood catches up with the villain as he fires at Eastwood he then realized that he is out of ammo, but Eastwood must not kill him in cold blood but he must be killed after all the justice system in Hollywood like all of the West lately just can't do justice even though we are in the motion of changing this [ask Ashcroft] so he turns his back to walk away but click! And Eastwood in psychopathic fashion swings around emptying everything he's got while the cynic audience got a sadistic taste of revenge entertainment style (greater than justice). I enjoy it this time I have to bring it home, I’d buy the DVD /CD version….. We have inculcate the culture of extra judicial behavior that has vanquish all humane reasoning and civil conduct to the point that our own law-makers have surrendered the Senate and all other decision making bodies and the constitution to one man and one man a[on]loan, George Bush.
Indeed! America has been at war with itself a very long time ago and will be for many years to come if she does not wake up this time around.

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