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Re: "The super arabs"
In Response To: Re: "The super arabs" ()

["The simplist things such as structure, color, character, intellect and size clearly disprove the illogical claim that race doesn't exist."]

Caucasians are said to be White to Black, Long-headed to Short Headed, Straight to Curly Hair, etc, etc. Caucasoids have features of every other race! The European Racial Classification tend to have an ideal race, but now I see that when one doesn't fit into the ideal race, he/she then becomes Caucasoid.

["Even your own children can distinguish between the voice of a Mongoloid, Caucasian and Negro. "]

What kind of rediculous notion is this? I have seen Mongoloid with a Caucasoid-like voice, same from Negroid. Phonetics has very little to do with race.

["Some races have Negro blood but most are of there own descent."]

That's not what science has said. All human beings have decended from a single Homosapien Sapiens from East Africa.

["The Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon interbred (possibly creating the red heads)while blacks interbred with many other primitive race creating sub-negro classes in Africa."]

Err. Don't bring in theories which you can't back with academic sources. The current debate is whether the Neanderthal Hominid mixed with the Cro-Magnoid Hominid to create the modern European. We both know that Europeans are mainly brown haired, so there is no way in hell it just included red heads.

BTW, the Cro-Magnoid found in Africa were not the same as those found in Europe. The Africoid variant had wider noses, and were more prognathous. Other than that, it is a hell lot more likely that the Cro-Magnoid was Black skinned but what the heck, that is a Caucasoid feature too. =D

[" But seriously, there was a recent debate on including the Orangutang(it was some ape) in the Human class. You can do the research. Because the Orangutan has culture like human beings do. Funny the Orangutan was said by the ancient people themselves to be a lot like the Human even back then."]

I'm not gonna even bother researching but since the Homo antecessor probably had a culture that is in general, similar to ours, does this infer that they should be placed within the Homosapien Sapiens stock. Heck, we can even add the Neantherthalis into this class. Personally I think that assertion made by whomever is pretty weak.

[". Now we know the Negro differs with us(as always) but when would the classing of races start? In Africa today there are beings that tribes and apes have had that looks alike monsters! I kid you not though you may doubt me."]

There maybe be Africans that look Monster-like to the eye of a Racist Caucasian. However, let me remind you that Negroids vary in physical appearance. For example, most Negroids do not look like the Negroids with exagerrated the white supremmist tend to point at. Such Negroids are found in West Africa, and they are certainly not the majority of even Sub-Saharan Africa. If we look at Blacks like Will Smith, Allen Iverson, Micheal Jordan, etc, etc... we will realize that Africans tend to look more similar to them, NOT the over-exagerrated type that whites love to point and laugh at. It is either you know very little about Negros, or you're just clearly a racist Caucasian or Caucasian-Wannabe.

I could further laugh and point out that...

- Whites are obsessed with tans, even though they hate Blacks. They want a tanned partner, and this was after the whites looked down at the dark skin colour of the African slaves. A bit of hypocracy, no?

- White Woman (Including the Godly Nordics) have feel for the "grotesque" Black Man ever since slavery.
- White Men want women to have Negro-Like features, heard of breast, lip, buttock enlargement?

Sure Black women like to straighten their hair, but this is expected in a white dominanted AmeriKKKa. Never-the-less all I stated above is evident in a world that is virtually ruled by whites! Hey, even in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, etc, it is the Whites that rule over the dark (Chocolate-like, Crayola Brown-like, etc) skinned indigenous people.

Seeing that you're white. You really don't have an authority calling anyone monsters, especially when your own race tend to change their physical features all the time. This only proves that Caucasoids have a more groteque physical features hence surgery. All this is done, in a world where they are considered God-like, or atleast, closest to God.

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