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what's happenin!

Honestly I really donít know what to say because people donít respond to my post I guess they donít draw any attention to the reader. Possibly it was so good they couldnít question oh how I would love to believe that. Though seriously I donít need votes I just want people to acknowledge the truth? I find that people only engage the conflict and not the cause.

The end and the beginning is one in the same. The world is round meaning the end of all things the world does not justify the mean not means. Does all opinions form one or does one opinion form all? Either way you see it all (one) is doing is generalizing. For instance one person says chocolate is the best and another disagrees and says no itís the worst. Does one opinion from all? Apparently not, Sandra Henry Levaza Theresa Arjun Luz etc says chocolate is the best. Do all opinions form one? Apparently not, so what does all this mean? It means one man is one world one man divine form all others. But itís not that simple thereís a trick.

Like how all people fit into one (the world) all men form man. Meaning that all men can form a opinion just as the one man did. So the end is the beginning but you have to understand thereís an order to this just as 1 2 3. One two and three also fall under the same category because they are numbers.

1+1 = 2
1 1 = 2
2+2 = 4
2 2 2 2 = 4

As you can see numbers follow the same process. All the number (world) (s) (worlds) becomes one but what you really mean is whole. What is whole like all the water (whole) molecules become (one) drop of water (whole). You see even sentences work in this matter. It is truly our differences that make us alike.

Doe(s) one opinion form all (world)?

Do (one) all opinions form (one)?

Are you getting the pattern?

When either of you do please respond, please do if you have any questions.

I guess youíre wondering what this have to do with anything especially with race and history.

Well in short ill explain.

You have black and white for instance. Judging by the pattern suggested above black was white and white was black right. Well that canít be true why because we all can see that the color white and the color black are obvious two different colors. Oh but remember I said there is an order to this and yes there are not just one they are color(s).

Black and white are
Colors (whole)
Color(world) because world is also applies and can become singular as a whole(s) worlds
Black (one)
White (one)

These patters are important because the follow an order but order must like all things follow. It depends on what color you start with.

Meaning all things have a category and since category qualifies as something it also applies to the rule and is subjected change.

So when you say black you classify it as color why because there are more than one color you have just proved simply by saying black and white.

So like one (black) people (colors) color (world) Africans and Europeans are one as man men color colors and this difference make them the same.

So I want someone to tell me the secret.

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