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Re: what's happenin!
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Allrite. So racism in america.. u mean like all racism? hard to generalize, ppl ave their own personal reasons, and is not all black and white too.. Low self asteem, fear, anger, emptyness, dissapointment, detachment, hatred, more hatred + lack of love because of lack of self love, lets make some huge space here to blame the parents too, arrogance, ignorance, selfishness, self-centeredness, begrudgery, envy and many more probably.

Racism as a phenomena in a larger perspective is the sceary human instinct of self-preservation GONE BAD, as in caring about ma own kid, not giving a flyin f*** about others, seen?

But acting so much exclusevly on meat (instinct) has the dimention of not fully sensing ones own value (not sensing one's soul) so then one cannot fully sense others.

So the flip side of the coin, to self-preservation is, if U dont love Urself enough U cannot give Ur kid the love he/she needs then is harder for he/she to love others..

Let's sum it all up and call it destruction. Yea, self-preservation twisted all the way to self-destruction. How sick is that?

We need forgiveness, it start with forgiving also. And what is the most important commandment according to Christ? Love others and Urself.

FEAR is the biggest obsticle when it comes to tribal war -nobody want to put down the guard first. FEAR= LACK OF FAITH.

Now, some can feel annoied why I used such big space to blame parents, but think about it, family is the smallest unit, the cells that all the rest build from.

More Love I say

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what's happenin!
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Re: what's happenin!
Re: what's happenin!
Re: what's happenin!
Re: what's happenin!
Re: what's happenin!

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