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Re: what's happenin!
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The problem with racism in America is the fact that racism as I written before does not exist. Racism doesnít walk down the street and say Nigger Jew Cracker Wetback etc. We do. But itís like I keep telling people, all things in life come by coincidence created by circumstances situations and values. Values get in to situations caused by circumstance hence a coincidence. Value is being used as all in existence tangibly. Racism as u call it is nothing more but a stereotype. Stereotypes are not what people make them out to be, why you ask? Because of the fact that what makes up a stereotype can ironically allow one to stereotype a stereotype even further; this is possible because a stereotype is indeed a value an non-existent value. Remember I wrote value (s) is all in existence tangibly.

Now Iím sure u all have become confused, tangible is synopsis for physical, real, touchable etc. Because of circumstances and situations stereotypes are created. This is what a stereotype really is. Stereotypes are an account of what has transpired in time and space (dynamic). This time and space is translated in to what we call thought, itís merely conversion but the discrepancy is created by the fact when stereotypes become whole in other words value it is then stereotyped again.

So why is this problem, because stereotypes are layers of many different values? Thatís still not when the confusion comes in. The question is why is it a problem when stereotyping a stereotype? This is the best way to describe it. A frame is a what, a layer of materials to hold in a picture like a television. Now what is it to frame a person, a person walks in to the store and then runs out. I might add that he was being photographed at the time later it is reported that a robbery had taken place at the location in which this person was photographed running from the store. There are no cameras in the store this mans photos is the only lead they got, and the photos where released to the public. But all this man was doing was going in and than was called out to catch the bus so he then ran. Get my drift? All things in life are values but there are two kinds one originís unknown the otherís created by thought.

Now what Iím trying to get at is simple for instance the man is accused of committing the crime. All a person would have to do is take the picture and show to any one as proof. Like the stereotype all black people like watermelon fired chicken. So what now hereís the discrepancy, to prove this all one haves to do is take a picture of black people eating fried chicken? Walla stereotype, sorry to disappoint you but if thatís the case we are all racist because your mind does this all day every day.

1. Value
Chicken watermelon black person

2 .Situation: (all) blacks eat fried chicken or because heís black he eats fired chicken

3. Circumstances the (dynamic)

4. In turn creates a coincidence

End of story a coincidence stop hating

Existence and non-existence is the cause of racism, in not just America but for racismís sake. Ironically youíll think that one origins unknown would be non-existence, sorry but its existence. This abnormality creates confusion and distorts stereotypes which, leads to unsightly perversion.

Example one 1, two 2

Iím going to use this example to explain what I said earlier about conversion and translation.

First of all values are stereotypes
Ex. 1 then one

The difference is that 1 is a non-existent value which is converted to an existent value from the stereotype called language becoming one

Hence conversion number translation language

What took place was converting time and space (1 unknown) a translation = one (in English of course) language

This may sound complicated and stuff but itís really very easy to understand.

Two to 2

Ex. Explains the process in reverse obviously but from studying this thereís something you must understand reverse just means what side you started with backwards on the other hand is by step. In this case meaning, that there is only one (whole) this is the universality in which all things life is principle.

I guess what is missing form this is non-existence is created from what's known, existence is created from unknown merely classified (level) as unknown because it is whatís truly existent. Existence is life its origin whoís knows, no one, why because all existence is embodiment of life why do you wish to understand (to have) in which you already are.

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