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What science is proving now, is in fact, what ancient Greek historians like Herodotus, Diodorus and even Homer reported in their various world histories millennia ago. These world histories were translated and edited with a particular racist slant to justify the then existing african slave trade. Both Herodotus and Diodorus express scepticism when the Eqyptian priests convey their knowledge of the age and scope of their conquests and civilization. However, regarding their ethnicity their was no doubt. "There can be no doubt that the Colchians are an Egyptian race. Before I heard any mention of the fact from others, I had remarked it myself. After the thought had struck me, I made inquiries on the subject both in Colchis and in Egypt, and I found that the Colchians had a more distinct recollection of the Egyptians, than the Egyptians had of them. Still the Egyptians said that they believed the Colchians to be descended from the army of Sesostris. My own conjectures were founded, first, on the fact that they are black-skinned and have woolly hair, which certainly amounts to but little, since several other nations are so too; but further and more especially, on the circumstance that the Colchians, the Egyptians, and the Ethiopians, are the only nations who have practised circumcision from the earliest times." The previous passage was taken from Herodotus, The Histories, the notes to this passage are as follows. "Herodotus also alludes in ch. 57 to the black colour of the Egyptians; but not only do the paintings pointedly distinguish the Egyptian from the Blacks of Africa, and even from the copper-coloured Ethipoians, both of whom are shown to have the same hue as their descendents: but the mummies prove that the Egyptians were neither black nor wolly-haired, and the formation of the head at once decides that they are Asiatic and not of African origin. Egypt was called Chemi, "black," from the colour of the rich soil, not from that of the people." The editor by the notes contradicts eye-witness testimony. Diodorus in his history explains "Men also, if they were the same colour as Typhon, were sacrificed, they say, in ancient times by the kings at the tomb of Osiris; however only a few Egyptians are now found red in colour, but the majority of such are non-Egyptians." By the time the Greeks discovered Egypt, Egyptian civilization was already in decline, if, as science has now proved, it takes about 20,000 years for the natural mutation or evolution from dark-skinned to white one cannot blame the Greek historians for their scepticism regarding the priests' tales of their kings dating back, in some cases twenty to seventeen thousand years. We cannot expect them to remember that it was an Egyptian who founded the city of Athens, just like the priests said, even though Diodorus saw some similarities in their physionomy. Gerald Massey, the nineteenth century poet, historian and evolutionist wrote the most comprehensive record so far in his 'Ancient Egypt-The Light of the World'. I recommend it to all those seriously interested in human history. It is why I became agnostic. "Who are you to say these things to us?" "You do not know who I am from what I say to you. Rather, you have become like the Jewish people, for they love the tree but hate its fruit, or they love the fruit but hate the tree." This is the gospel according to Thomas who was Jesus' brother. If Jesus was alive today he would substitute "the Jewish people" for all non-black peoples.

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