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Re: Neanderthals
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"Did you know that neanderthals invented a type of super glue."

Yes, and Homo Erectus discovered fire. Does that mean they are the ancestors of modern humans?

Why is art, discovered at The Blombos Cave in Cape Town, not representative of abstract thinking over 70,000 years ago, when stick drawings on cave walls in europe is? This whole theory that modern humans developed mentally much later, (between 40,000-20,000 years ago), than anatomically is again another ploy to distract. If we accept that there is nothing anatomically different in Homo Sapiens who evolved between 200,000-150,000 years ago and modern humans, what prevented them from inventing and inovating? Could it be that we are again being led to believe that our minds did not evolve until the ice melted in europe? I maintain that the age of Egyptian civilization has yet to be revealed, and that progression towards modern thinking began in the heart of Africa. That the current methods of archeological dating is based solely on maintaining a belief in the superiority of Europeans. A large cranium in Neanderthals is just a big head and not evidence of intelligence because we know that the brightest among us use a mere 10% of that grey matter inside the cranium. When Gerald Massey expressed the opinion that the biblical stories of floods and eden were extant among primeval peoples who were part of the undivided human race, and that those primeval people were Africans, he was referring to anatomically and mentally modern humans. When the Egyptian priests relate their historical achievements to Herodotus and Diodorus, they are not exaggerating when they place the reign of Osiris between 20,000-17,000 years before the Persian or Greek occupation of Egypt. Why would they not recalculate the ages of events, when they were the architects of time? Would other nations have welcomed Osiris if he were different or strange? I believe they recognized him as one of their own, that our visible differences had not yet occured and up to that time the human race was still undivided.

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