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AFRICA a sore point and several Indians
In Response To: About roots of Indians ()

(this is a sore point and several Indians, Africans and others shut their ears and eyes about this....all the more reason to discuss african connections).

"African" is a geographical term. The crude classification into African "types" include ancient australoid, bushmanoid, pygmy and negrito peoples, etc besides the recently evolved "negro" type. 'NEGROID' is a crude term applied mostly to west african folks. Obscure classification used as crude rule of thumb adds things like east african Hamitic, ethiopian, etc. But in african excavations , in the earliest levels, the human remains found are australoid, pygmoid and bushmanoid...NOT negroid...meaning they are evolutionally quite advanced actually.

On the other hand, Old EUROPEAN remains, cave skeletons, are ALL neanderthaloid and show a change to negrito /african , 'cromanyon' etc. The distinctly 'negrito' remains are seen at Grotte des infants at Grimaldi and the various paintings and carvings --all these being the remote ancestors of europeans. Then the neanderthal connection---east european remains which have been conveniently destroyed also show transition from neanderthals to modern. There is a feeble hunch the mixed neanderthal- sapiens people were sterile like mules....why not take the simpler solution. In any case no amount of chanting 'cromanyon' can change the real facts. Almost all the paleolithic venuses have sticking out backsides and heads of plaited/pattern shaved frizzy hair. (There are also few cave paintings / sculptures where humans are depicted : the pictures of these published in books generally are cropped at strategic places so that the characteristic ethnic features are obscured. Also, many of the great caves are closed to the public due to "humidity problems". Possible, but the humidity problem includes sweat running down the face of bigots when they recognize with a jolt the great artists really had "soul"

Is hdd denying the Black African origin of all people?

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About roots of Indians
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Re: About roots of Indians
Re: About roots of Indians
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If you feel you close to Whites, GREAT!!!
You are right!
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The two theories
AFRICA a sore point and several Indians
"Africa" does not mean "black" as it is propagated
You making up things!!!!!
Re: "Africa" does not mean "black" as it is propag
Re: "Africa" does not mean "black" as it is propag

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