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God's child Adam and Satan's child the Negro

The Negro is mad at the world for it being what it is and not being what we are. The Negro has is of a race that has not developed any culture of their own. Until they reached the shores of America on slaveships they really never served any productive purpose. Now to all of the colored non-negro board members ask yourself this question. Why is it that race said not to exist to Negroes but the rest of us world members see race as the true classes of humans and subtypes? It is because the great Indians of India, The culturally superior aborigine, and us Melanesians are above Negroes in value and structure and culture. The Negro desires to hide the difference that we gladly realize and accept so that they can seem to be one of us. The cranium cavity of the Negro and the frontal lobes of a Negroes brain is that it gives reason as to why it's culture recognized as the lowest of human kind's, if it is even a member. The Negro culture and hunting equipment is even more primitive than the Australians as well as the Tasmanians and us Melanesians. The Negro's abstract thinking has enabled it to IMITATE human culture to a degree however the limited I.Q. of the Negro can not give the race the ability to develop indigenous tools or ideas on their own. Now look at this again, the Aborigine atleast has the bow and arrow as well as the boomerang which symbolic of their culture, the Native American and us Melanesians have atleast the bow and arrow as a primitive hunting tool and developed religion.The Native Americans believe in karmic reincarnation and something similiar to the Egyptians when it comes to pets guiding them in the afterlife. Australians have dreamtime which is quite interesting I must say. The Indian of India is also superior to the Negro because for one they have a human culture, They have religion, mathematics,they developed the world's first water navigation system. They enslaved blacks and successfully hindered the blood of the Negro from degrading the precious race. As we know they also had a developed RACE CASTE SYSTEM. They also had swords, macheties and much more equipment in the ancient days as well as multiple languages. In all of this were was the Negro and what was it doing? What are they doing today but telling lies about what they were doing because of our knowledge of what they were doing. Let's see...hmmm. The I.Q. of a Negro is only about 65 and peaks at about 85. Even the early cranium suture closing in the Negro is what prohibits it from developing mentally and perhaps socially as we people do. Let's not forget that Arabs hated and despised Negroes and viewed them as less than human. In America, they were and still are seen as 3/5 of human beings. Is this not true? They can dog pile the board with their hatred for members human kinds but after all isn't this the same communication they commune with each other with.? It isn't really their fault because of their primitive development however us asians and other humans must not accept them and be wary of their misleading info. Being a Melanesian, I know I have more value than some black male that loathes over the white man's culture. My Asian culture is seen as unique and all asians even Australians have a right to feel better about yourselves than the monster feels about itself. Did yoou know that they refuse to give the Negro a seperate nation because the Negro is so primitive in nature that they say a country of their own wouldn't last long if they had one? Lookn at Africa every nation outside of Egypt, Berbian, Arabian and South Africa is in some sort of CIVIL CONFLICT. DO you people of color see this? He is ashamed of this and wants us to be at one with him in his misery. Saying goes "misery loves company". Now the average I.Q. of my race is about 11 points higher than a black and Arthur and Flynn proved that the Aborigine, living in civilization, is slightly higher than a Negroes as well. It add up to make sense when you see who has a better communication amongst their own kind.
Our war is against the children of Satan. It is said that Satan fell from heaven because of his jealousy. The Negro is mad at the beautiful and valiant people of Asia because of our superiority.
The only indegenous race in Africa I respect are the Berbians and Ethiopians the Negro disgust me to the fullest. I actually beleive the only reason the have "rights" is because Jews are using them to sell sports, shoes, entertainment and as a defense from whites. Look at the wealthiest ones in America! Better yet look in your closet. How many black Charles Darwins, Sigmeund Freuds, Christopher Columbuses have have you seen. Do you have their books? But as we see they can fight tell lies, and shake a leg pretty well though.

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God's child Adam and Satan's child the Negro
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