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Re: God's child Adam and Satan's child the Negro

"The Negro is mad at the beautiful and valiant people of Asia because of our superiority.
The only indegenous race in Africa I respect are the Berbians and Ethiopians the Negro disgust me to the fullest. "

You can't be serious. You must be some sort of internet troll. Please refrain from responding to me unless you have something intersting to say. You spout pseudoscientific babble as if it were true! Are you sure it is the "negro" that hates his own blackness. It seems to me that you hate your own blackness! BY the way the Word melanesian roughly translates to " black man".

Please define culture and superiority since you use them as if you know their meaning. Are you sure that black people have never had any civilizations of their own? do you read? do you know how Melanesians arrived in Asia and WHERE they came from. Do you know waht an Arab is. Arabs despise blacks or do white invaders to the middle east despise blacks. Are you aware that the first civilization in Arab was a black civilization? That means that Arabs, original Arabs are black...hmmmm. Did you know that no Iq test has been successful at an unbiased measure of intelligence, and only racsits refer to them? Are you also aware that brain size is not a n indicator of intelligence. Are you aware that the Neanderthal brain was larger than modern man? Are you also aware that Australian aborigines and Melanesians have the lowest cranial capacity of all humans? Are you that the melanesians and aborigines have never broken out of stone age technology? Doesn't make them inferior but you seem to think that "negroes" are p"primitive" but you never seem to look at your own people. re you aware thta ethiopians are "negroes".

"The Indian of India is also superior to the Negro because for one they have a human culture, They have religion, mathematics,"

Are you seriuous. Black men invented these things.if you did a serious study you would see that every culture, religion, and scientific endeavor can seen to have its origin in African original achievement, discovery, and invention.

"Why is it that race said not to exist to Negroes but the rest of us world members see race as the true classes of humans and subtypes? It is because the great Indians of India, The culturally superior aborigine, and us Melanesians are above Negroes in value and structure and culture. The Negro desires to hide the difference that we gladly realize and accept so that they can seem to be one of us. "

More racist nonsense. If we did not belong to the same race do you believe we could viably reproduce with each other. Why is modern genetic technology proving that mankind is not divided into races. Could it be that YOU refuse to see this in order to perpetuate your racist ideology. It is you who needs to see yourself as different in order to justify not only your hate, but your self-hate. Remember, hate is riooted in fear. And I think that you know that your are black, but you have been so psychologically damaged that you need to see yourself as different from the "despised negro".

I will expose you as long as you continue to post.

May G-d have mercy on you.

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God's child Adam and Satan's child the Negro
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