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The Enemy

Be aware non-Negroes that the Negro is full of fury. Have not the Negro existed in slavery since the early days? The ancient Egyptians, Indians and Arabians treated the Negro as we do livestock such as sheep and cattle today. Ask yourself this question does the low I.Q. of about 65 explain the self inflicted strife that the negro goes through in Africa as long as it's non-productive culture? I state facts that tends to insult the Negro because of the boldness that it represents the reality of the Negro. For instance, when Negroes were enslaved they certainly were not wearing much for clothes, their militaries apparently weren't the most elite and not only that but they provided the slave masters with no knowledge unlike the Native Americans who taught them how to cook corn and grow food. Now Asian readers of this look. I am not saying that the negro did nothing at all eventually they invented a few things however after attending schools under white America and training most of these came about. Have a Negro in Africa came up with anything for the world other than Ebola? Now I will not debate as much as I will explain and anyone that response will have taken it personal. What good has the Negro been for anything outside of slavery? What culture do they have and why do they want to merge with us. See the Negro in all of Africa has nothing to his own claim. The Pygmy, Hottentot, Bushman and etc. are negroes living in a mostly pure state. What delicay do they have? Nothing that I know of. What is their religion? You seriously couldn't name it off of the top of your head. The Pygmy has something like a bird language in which the speak in clicks.
These by the way appear to be the Negro in his most primitive, purest state. The Nigerians are a bit higher but only in culture. Why is this? Because when they were slaves they had access to the knowledge of Egyptian religions. This is why they took and perverted the Egyptian religion to form something we know as Yoruba, however the Nigerians included cannibalism on their part. Many of us have heard about how in the culture of the Nigerians the withdoctors are taken to court for killing customers in their ritualistic abuse. This, we know is the truth. We also know that in the "modern" African nation pygmies are forced to hunt food for militaries or the Pygmies themselves are eaten. I also know that rap in Africa is the prime reason that Bush's dolittle plan can't help such a primitive folk. The I.Q. and poorly formed brain of the Negro clearly explains the situation of the Negro's past and present. We would be but fools to accept any of their fallacious teachings as truthful, valuable and worthwhile. There is NO RACE on EARTH that is in such a situation as the Negro. We Melanesians were poor because of our isolation from outside cultures. Races as are most cultures such as the aborigine, Hawaiians and philipinoes as well are seen in the same light. However, the superiority of our being has risen us on another level. The Aborigine's higher I.Q. of 85-90 explains why there is no massive Aborigine on Aborigine crime and for others with fairly decent I.Qs it is the same. The social level and I.Qs are in pare with each other. I.Q levels of the 110-115 range are for the above average and they tend to have social charisma as we see in the Jew even helping Ethipian, Indian and even ARAB jews. Remember the airlift that took a huge portion of Ethiopians to Israel that I beleive was finished this year. 100-105 is above average and we see how Japanese, Chinese and the Orientals, being uniquely socially adaptable and easily work with their own to rise. A Chinese family of 15 staying together for 5 yrs. next thing you know their are 3 or 4 Chines food buisenesses on each block. Same with Koreans with their manicure and pedicure shops. Then comes the normal range 90-100 along with a normal social structure. In this the Europeans,Middle Eastern Arabs, Indians, Melanesians, Aborigines and other South East Asians fit in here. The average I.Q. of anEuropean caucasian is about 97. We see how whites give each other jobs first, form European Unions and basically live by the law of nature SELF PRESERVATION nothing unusual. Look next at us Melanesians we average at 96 roughly the same as Eyropeans as one scholar stated. Despite rough primitive history as OTHERS have had we tend to rise quite normally help each other and we have relationships with other South East Asians in the Islands and California to better us all as a whole. I believe an Arabs I.Q. is abot 93 and they do not rise as quick as Orientals but they are openeing jewelry shops all over even in the Arab world they constantly have summits despite diffences. An Aborigine is at 90 points recently and in my opinion the are the most peaceful people I know! I never been to Australia but I never heard of these people make any threats other than to turn the Olympics out for equal rights. I don't know how they advance in society but They tend to seem as peaceful people. Lets look at 70-80 range. That is known to be the marginal retardation range. People and beings in this range are said to be able to learn but with guidance of highers ones. The Negro American, as far as I know, as constantly scored 85. This is near retardation. Here we have a race that can't reason with himself and has know true social structure amongst itself. The black cities of America shows this. Where the fathers are gangbanging with their children. They have no respect for each other so they fill the pens because of their lack of respect for society. Do you non-black board members see this? The only folks doing poorer than blacks are certain Native Americans but they ar at about 79 even. They have higher rates of crime than Negroes. As we sink to 65 point I.Q. in Africa we see utter hell even in the cities. Their is constant conflict. This is what the great Arabians and Europeans exposed. History is documented throughout with this teachings. Now the Negro desires that we drop this knowledge and be at one with it. They can't even get along with themselves. We can not allow sympathy for this being cost us our self respect because of it's sad nightmare it lives everday being a Negro. It is not our responsibility to carry this brute upon our backs. We all came from nothing. Our self respect is what bought us up. The negro's grisly nature is it's hinderance. He is who we are not and was not cursed with being. With the world body against it's existence it will never no the heart of a man

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