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Re: Regarding The Nature Of The Threat

Dear (Baby T)
Sister In Spirit, As You Know God Is A Spirit. The Spirit Of Love , The Spirit Of Rightiousnes, Spirit Of Beneficence, Spirit Of Mercy. There Is No End To The Goodness In The Spirit Of God. You Are A Rightious Spirit, The Spirit Of Rightiousness Is In All God's Childens. It is This Spirit Of Rightiosness That Makes Us All Brothers And Sisters, Not Our Race, Or Color. For This Reason Evil Is Everywhere, And Evil Can Be Given No Quarter. We Live In A World Of Perpetual Spiritual Warfare, Warfare Without End. This War Is Between People Who Choose Good Against People Who Choose Evil, As Long As People Have The Power To Choose The War Will Never End. I Do Not Expect You To Agree With Me But I Will Try To Explain Anyway. It Is This Spirit That Shows Itself In The Blessed (CHARACTOR OF ALL RIGHTIOUS BROTHERS AND SISTERS) Everywhere In This World No Matter
What Color We Are. I Love The Rightious, All Of Them, No Matter The Color, Or Where They May Be For The Rightious Are The Chosen Of God. You Can Always Recognise The Rightious By Their (CHARACTOR)And Their Willingness To Bare Witness To The Truth Whenever They Hear And Understand It. They Will Bare Witness To The Truth No Matter Who The Truth Is Spoken Against. In spiritual Warfare The Liars Are Without End, And Forever Seeking To Decieve And Undermind The(CHARACTOR)Of The Rightious People. In Doing So
The Enemy Can Destroy The Credibiliy Of An Entire People. For Example; To Go Into Egypt, And Deface Five Thousand Year Old Monuments, By Breaking Off The Noses, And Lips To Render These
Monuments Unrecognizable, That They May Disasociate Black People From Their Legacy. All This Evil Just To Destroy The Credibility, And Hide The Great (CHARACTOR) Of The World's Most Ancient People. It's Like Telling The World The Lie "Albert Einstein Did Not Write The Mathmetical Laws Of Relativity". This Is To Rob This Man Of His Credibilty, And Destroy His
(CHARACTOR). This Has Always Been The Intent And
Pleasure Of The Evil One's, The Do All Manner Of Evil To Everyone Else (BUT) They Want Rifgtiousness For Themselves Always. "Which Say,
Stand By Thyself, Come Not Near To Me For I Am Holier Than Thou" Here Isaiah Has Got It Right.
It Is Not My Wish To Judge The Souls Of Anyone Because I Am Not The Lord Of All The Worlds, I Am
Only His Servant, And The Betterment Of All The Rightious Is My Most Sincere Wish. If We Could Overcome The Frowardness, And Bloodlust Of The Beast, The Stealth Of The False Prophet, Corporate Greed, Or Khasars Who Falsely Claim
To Have Blood Lines To Abraham Who Write Lies
And Madness In Biblical Translated Text About God And My Ancestors. Or All The Souls Who Have Given Themselves Over To The Spirit Of Darkness,
They Who Have Taken Shelter From The Light Of God
In The Darkness Of Satan. No (Baby T) Kind Sister
Of Rightiousness I Am Not A Hater, I Am Misunderstood. Too Often I And Others Like Me Are Confronted By Evil White People Who Are Not Like You, They Are Simply The Enemies Of All Who
Fight To Defend The Truth. Why Should Ten Percent Of The People In The World Own Ninety Percent Of The World We All Live In, I Will give You The Answer: Because They Sold Their Souls To To Satan For It. A Man Will Sail His Soul For A
Few Pieces Of Gold, And Will Lie, Steal, Or Kill
For Satan's Plan To Keep It. Much Of This Wealth
Was Stolen Wealth, Through Plunder And Exploytation Of People Who Could Not Defend Themselves. Again As I Have Mentioned Earlier A
Clear Example Of This Is Happening In Irac As I
Write These Words. They Will Kill Millions Of
Helpless Men Women And Children In Irac To Steal
The Iraci Peoples Oil Resources, Even Risk A Third World War By Expanding Their Greed And
Plunder Into Iran. Then Who Knows What May Happen. There Is No End To The Evil Of These People, But Destruction. I Pray God Spare The
Rightious. When It Is Said " White People Are Not White Because They Are Superior, They Are White Because They Evolved In The Darkness Of The Caves Of Europe" This Is Refering To Your
Physiology, The Darkness Within Your Souls Was
Because Your People Had Been Cut Off From The Root Of Civilization During The Ice Age. Civilization Has Extant For More Than Ten Thousand Years, I Believe Even Longer. Your Peoples Setback Is A Setback For The Whole Human Family. It Is Not The Color Of Your Skin That You Or Any Member Of Your Race Is Judged By,
RECORD, OR HISTORICAL (CHARACTOR). It Is The (Charactor) That Is Judged Not The Soul, It Is The (HISTORICAL CHARACTOR) Of The
European People That Has Been So Terribly
Harmful To All People, To This Day. I Believe
There Is Hope For Us All By The Grace Of God
We All Will Change For The Better And Collectively Overcome The Evil One's Who Will Not Change.

SO,(Baby T)
I Pray You Keep You Spirit Of
Rightiousness Always, Brother Sabree Muhammad

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