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Re: The Nature Of Self Destruction

Why Would A Man Molest His Three Year Old Daughter, Then Make A Vidio Of His Sick Act? Why Would A Man Rape And Murder A Women, Then Repeatedly Return And Rape His Victims Dead Body?
How Could Sexuality Here In America Spin So Far Out Of Control Until Now In In At Least One Public Middle School Little Girls Under 12 Years Old Are Given Birth Control Pills Without Their Parents Being Told? Why Can't Little Children Go On The Internet, And Be Free Of The Threat Of Sexual Preditors? Why Would A Man Murder 19 Women And Finally Be Captured Driving The Streets With His Victims Decomposing Body In The Back Of His Truck? Why Would Men Pay $500.00 To Buy And See A Movie Involving Several Men And A Young Women Having Perverted Sex, Then As A Climax In This Movie The Men Involved Will All Take Knives And Completely Dismember This Young Woman's Body Starting With Her Fingers To Her Arms And Legs And Head? Why Did Jack The Ripper
Cut His Victims Body Open And Expose Her Intrills? Why Do Adult Men And Women Want Sex With Little Children? Why Are Little Children Exposed To So Much Sex In Television, Movies
Music, Radio, And Every Form Of Media Possible?
Why Is Pornographic Expression So Prevailent In Our Everyday Lives? Why Are So Many Children AT Such Young Age Actively Involved In Sex, Even Perverted Sex? Why Would A Girl Be Raped By Her Father, When Ask Who Had Beaten Her So She Then Blames The Rape On Black Men?
Why Would The Imperial Wizard Of The KKK In Indiana Drink Until He's Drunk Then He Rapes A Woman, And Literally Begins To Chew On Her Sexual Organs Causing Her To Bleeed To Death Days Later? Why Were Many Black Men In The Southern States Of America Captured And Castrated? Why Do Lobbyest In Washington D.C.
Provide Prostitutes And Sex To Corrupt Politions To Buy Their Volts? Why Do Some Congressmen In
Washington D.C. Solicit And Make Sexual Overtures To Teenage Boys In The Very Halls Of The United States Congress? Why Dose A United State Senator Look For Sex In An Air Port Bath Room With A Total Stranger? Why Is There No End To Pornography In this Country? Why Can A School Girl Go 9 Months Pregnant Have And Kill HE Baby And Her Mother Not Ever Know Her School Age Daughter Was Pregnant? Why Would So Many Women Have To Be Killed And Raped, While The Police
Were Unable To Solve These Murders Until They
Involved Ted Bundy A Multiple Murderer? Why Did
It Take A Multiple Murderer To Explain The
Nature And Behavior Of The Killers Of All These Women? Why Would A Man Murder And Rape A Woman, Bury Her Body, Then Return And Rape Her Cold Dead Flesh Repeatedly? Why Did A Woman Murder A Pregnant Woman Then Cut Her Unborn Baby Out Of Her Womb? Why Would A Mother Have Sex With Her
16 Year Old Son, Some Time Later She Tells Him
They Have A Daughter, But Before He Can Ever See His Daughter He Must First Murder His Step Father? He Murders His Step Father Why? Why Would A Government Murder A Million People, And Cause Millions More To Be Driven Form Thier Homes Just To Still Their Oil Resources? Why Would A Government And A People Believe They Can Do And Get Away With Anything, Murder Anybody, And Never Be Held To Account For Their Crimes
Against Humanity? Why Would A Government Sale Crack Cocaine To Its Own Citizens? Why Would A
Government Turture Inocent People? Why Would A Government Kidnap People From Their Homes, Send
Them Thousands Of Miles Away And Turture Them Sometimes To Death? Why Would Men Cut Off Their Thumbs To Stay Out Of The Roman Army? Why Would A Government Borrow Itself Into Oblivian? Why
Why Do So Many Marriages Fail? Why Are There So Many Homosexual Men, And Women? Why Do Things Get Worst When They Should Get Better? Why Do We Fail To Learn From Past Mistakes? Why In A World
Of So Much Technological Advancement All Of The Above? Why Do So Many People Choose To Hate
And Simply Cannot Love? Why Have The Lower Instincts In Man Remained So Prevailent, And The Sexual Appetite In So Many Of Us So Perverse?
A Seed Is Planted In The Earth Beneath The Soil,
It Is Dark And Cold There, But The Moisture Will
Cause The Seed To Open. The Seed Will Put Out A Root To Grab Hold Of The Earth And Find The Food That It Needs To Servive So It Will Grow Down
Into The Earth Where It Is Still Darker And Still Colder. But Above The Seed The Soil Is Warmer So The Seed Will Grow Towards This Warth
Which Is Above The Seed, In Doing So A Shout Will
Develope. The Shout Will Continue To Grow And Rise Toward The Warmth Until It Emerges From The Darkness Into The Glorious Light. The Shout Will Continue To Follow This Light, In Doing So It Will Find Rectitude, Uprightness, So Long As The Shout Follows The Light. Man Is Drawn To The
Warmth Of God, It Is God's Kindness, And Beneficence That Is The Warmth That Draws Mankind
Out Of His Darkness And His Coldness Bringing Him
Into God's Glorious Light.
Thusly It Is The Light Of God That Reveals A Higher Understanding That Will Give Mankind Freedom From Our Savage Mentallity. All Living
Creatures Respond To God's Warmth And Kindness And His Steady Progression Towards Wisdom Knowledge And Understanding. God Teaches Us Through Everything He Has Created,Animant And Inanimant, Material And Spiritual, Seen And Unseen. (THE NATURE OF SELF DESTRUCTION) Is When We Abandon Or Forget All That God Has Taught Us
About Morality, Decency, And Warmth Between Us And Our Fellow Man. THE NATURE OF SELF DESTRUCTION IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May Allah Forever Be Praised, And Mankind Forever Be Thankfull Brother Sabree Muhammad

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