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Re: First Chinese Were Black
In Response To: Re: First Chinese Were Black ()

While most of the info according to the different types of people is correct I think you have a misunderstanding of the use of the term African.

I do not use of the term 'negroid' but I do acknowledge that there are a variety of African forms. This is not in dispute amongst Africans.

"African" is used as a racial label for people who have Black skin who are all subjected to the attitudes of White racial superiority and historical misrepresentations.

"African" is also a cultural label referring to all Black people who shared similar value systems.

After this is understood then we can speak of the different types of Africans (which eventually includes even Europeans) but the label is not generally applied to non-Blacks.

Also the headline of the post was "First Chinese Were BLACK".

Your Quote:
"There are other people in this world who have black skin and yet are not directly related to Africans"


All people with Black skin have suffered and do suffer from the attitudes of 'White superiority' and have been misrepresented during colonial historical documentation. Secondly all people are genetically related. These are the direct connections.

Informed Africans realize common bonds with all Black people first to address historical misrepresentations and Aryan/European attitudes of inferiority and superiority.

Your Quote:
"It is wrong therefore to assume an African origin for the prehistoric people of southern China and southeast Asia"

You will really have to explain how you ended up with this mind twisting quote as all people in Asia originally migrated from Africa and were Black Africans.

Academics from the University of Texas and their colleagues in China studied 28 population groups in China and concluded that most - if not all - had their genetic origins in Africa.

They looked at pieces of DNA known as microsatellites, which are short, repeating DNA segments that yield information about genetic variation among people.

The researchers found that all Chinese have a great deal in common genetically, although there are some regional variations but they all came from Africa.

Ancient Chinese literature described their founders as Black people. So we know from history they were Black Africans.

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