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Re: White Perceptions
In Response To: White Perceptions ()

Straight up, word!!!

"No matter how blacks have "behaved" or what their demands have been , whites, especially elites, have found ways to explicate white superiority."

This is why I'm so proud of this forum and why I appreciate the posts of fellow contributors like Sopdet, Pianke and Ayinde. It's up to us to reclaim what's ours. We were not the ones who changed the history books to suit a specific agenda, albeit, we have our share of zealous afro-centrists, but we are intelligent enough to recognize wheat from chaff. We must steadfastly unmask every lie. "the native intellectual who decides to give battle to colonial lies, fights on the field of the whole continent." Frantz Fanon-The wretched of the earth, speaking about Africa during the French-Algerian war.
He goes on to say, "The past is given back its value. Culture, extracted from the past to be displayed in all its splendor, is not necessarily that of his own country." So when haters try to make distinctions between, negritos, negros, aborigines, australoids, sudroids, etc, etc, etc, remember Fanon when he says, "Colonialism .... maintains that the Negro is a savage; and for the colonists, the negro was neither an Angolan nor a Nigerian, for he simply spoke of The Negro."
Richard Poe writes in his "Black spark White fire"
"Mulugeta Seraw was a 28th yr. old Ethiopian immigrant. He had come to the U.S. in 1980 with the goal of getting an accounting degree and going back to Ethiopia to help his country. Eight years later, Seraw was still struggling to put himself through school and driving an airport shuttle-bus for a living in Portland, Ore. One night in Nov.'88, two friends dropped Seraw off at his apartment building after a party. All three men were Ethiopian. As Seraw stood on the sidewalk, saying goodnight to his friends, a carload of skinheads suddenly pulled up from the rear." I'm sure everyone posting here, and haven't read the book can guess what happened next. Poe goes on to say that later at the trial one of the skinheads Mieske proudly admits that Seraw deserved to die because he was black.
"It's just a ... nigger's dead. That's all it is"
So let's try not to get, too caught up in their "quasi-science" of prognathism,
*?!?%?cephalicism, niloticism and hamiticism. It's just another method of creating schisms.

"Keep in mind, most people are conformist. They assume the laws are legitimate, and the state is legitimate."

I disagree with this line because I believe the rest of the society conforms because it is to their advantage. Imagine if they had to compete with one additional segment of society for an ever decreasing piece of that american pie. The haters who come to this board to spew their bile I liken to that one-legged white usher in one of Chris Rock's jokes. "I guarantee you that there is a one-legged white busboy out there, who will not change places with me if he had the chance, and I'm a rich black man." He'll take his chances on his whiteness because he believes it'll get him further. So they are aware of the inequities. They conform because it suits them.

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