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Re: White Perceptions
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Africa during the French-Algerian war.
He goes on to say, "The past is given back its value. Culture, extracted from the past to be displayed in all its splendor, is not necessarily that of his own country." So when haters try to make distinctions between, negritos, negros, aborigines, australoids, sudroids, etc, etc, etc, remember Fanon when he says, "Colonialism .... maintains that the Negro is a savage; and for the colonists, the negro was neither an Angolan nor a Nigerian, for he simply spoke of The Negro."
Richard Poe writes in his "Black
This is so true,and when napolean came to egypt around in the 1700's he actually called the native egyptains themselves niggers. Sir flinders petrie believed that the native people of egypt wqere a bunch of mulattoes.
Europeans divided the sahara slice egypt away from africa and ignore the fact that northern europeans never developed a high culture untill much later,because it makes them feel bad there wasother cultures that were superior to theirs.
Aristotle said that northern europeans were natural slaves and should be slaves. I imagine if you go back in time and ask these great greek writters how they felt about northern europeans would be just as bleek as the perceptions of mdoern europeans of africans.
There is stillblack people in northern africa,and I am one of them. I willnever buy that lie the ancient egyptains wewre caucasains,hamites.or pusedo racial terms like meddterean.
They even at one time tried to say the nubians were white and that ethiopians were white.
Clroing brace is the king of pusedo anthropological crap.
Read shomaka keita.
TO combatthese eurocentrics though we must provided references.

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