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Re: Baby T Check This Out
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Blessed love.

Now why I asked, if the I consider Adam and Eve to b black, is because they are the ones that fall in sin in the first place. Kain kill Abel, later on.. we see daughters ave sex wid their drunk daddy, polygamy, so much killing and later on God's choosen ppl avin their sons slaughtered and their mothers being forced to run the streets with their dead newborns hanging around their necks..

I am not saying this to b part of the blamegame. Ma point will come clear later on.

About ur government (in the lead) and their killings in Iraq, I was part of the massive demontrations against dat war, and according to what the media showed me, and what I experienced in the streets, is that it was mostly white ppl that felt this strongly against the war that they choose to make noise in the streets about it. Actually in my town, there was only one black man that took part of the demonstrations; my husband and, ofcourse our son(and dats a city dat has some black population). The demonstations was so massive, and it was clear that most part of the world was against america entering iraq... but they choose not to listen.

About the time of slavery, most white population was so poor that they couldnt keep slaves even if they wanted too, which we can only speculate in if they wanted or not, and if they was against it, most did not ave the power to speek up against the leaders and buiz. men. They was also busy feeding their kids, AND MOST PPL TIL THIS DAY DIDNT AND DONT AVE A CLUE WATS GOING ON, AND EVEN IF THEY DO THEY CAN LAY DOWN KICK AND SCREAM ALL THEY WANT -IT WONT HELP!!! Still I read many stories about whites fighting for black ppl rights, whites that even went to the plantations and work side by side with slaves to show solidarity as humanbeings of equal worth before God.

Back to the present reality, why is most movements to fight malaria, HIV and other organisations to correct the ills of slavery and colonisation, lead by whites?

White ppl are fucked up, white supremacy surely is, but at this day and age white supremacy, whites are upheld as 'the chosen few' by ALL worldleaders, regardless of their race, coz they ALL benefit from it, why else would they do that?
It is the system dat fukk ppl up in this time, dats where my focus is.

African Americans, like urself, is the black ppl that has gained enough to share at least something, but many seem to think bling and gold look sweet whiles they never think where it came from and in which ways it was robbed from there.

I do not judge or blame noone, and cannot comprehend all complexity, the detachement, the sufferations those who was brutally taken away from their land and heritage as a people.

But am just thinkin, reading the old testament, and bringing it into this context. With my heart strongly beating for africa and africans, I use to pray that the black ppl of america and the islands, will become more like Joseph in
Egypt -but being many, with even more intesity- with love, and unity overcome all bitterness and save ppl from starving in Africa. Like
Joseph did his brothers and his people... If that oneness could come to b, wouldnt that be wonderful (I know am being seen as quite an
utopian here) and that would surely strenghten the identity of african people home and abroad, even just to start working for that.

For Iself being a rasta has helped me to b more connected wid who I am as a human being, and has definetly helped me to feel pride of my own
swedish roots! Rasta is roots beyond he deepest of roots for I an I, coz it bring I back to the truth about Iself.

Europe was bein christianized by brutal force once upon a time, *baptise or die* -and so many bad things was following that, so much was taken from us.. and we ended up burning "witches" (normally ppl who could heal others with the help of herbal medicines)... We lost so much of wat we used to know through this, and we are much alienated from our true selfs.. and we are taught to believe we were brutal wikings b4 cristianity took over -which is far from the whole truth, and just true about some small minority of the ppl livin on the coast.. most lived as good shamans do.

We still got swedish indians around up north -they look much like the native red indians in america, and sing and play drums similar to your
natives. They ave their own language, traditions and so much magic. But they are being totally opressed and the government treat them like
they are primitive, a joke.

Well, ma whole point is, there between righteousness and selfrighteousness there goes a thin line.. So, righteousness is not about pointing fingers as much as it is about trying to do what is right!!! We was both born into this shit, let us do what we can in our own lives, and hopefully we will reach out to a few!!

1 love


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