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Re: Baby T Check This Out
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and yea, anodda thing that bother me about the I previous reasonings, is dat U seem to blame childrape etc. exclusivly on white people.. It doesnt seem rite.. Look, whites probably invented porn, and the techniques that are partly used to spread such materials. But there are plenty of african men raping women and little children. Now, U might argue and say that they was somehow inspired by whites to do so. And I know lots of crap in this world comes from Rome.. But I do not believe that whites inspired black africans to go to juju-men, who tells them to rape babies to get rid of HIV. Babies are gangraped in southafrica over such believes. And what wickedness is that? Even if U would get rid of the desease (which U wont) and pass it over to the kid instead (which U probably will though, if she survives at all) would that justify any of it???

Then we have the believes of 'witchkids' in Congo.. Poor familys reject one of their kids, throws him/her out on the streets; because it is the one who brings bad luck and poverty to the family according to the believes. Blame whites for the poverty I say- not a defenseless child.

What about old men marrying 10-11 year old gals in Niger and other places (the father or uncle gets paid for the gal), then childmolester use her as a slave and sometimes she dies giving birth to babies for him, coz she is just to small! How can this be even accepted within a culture?

I know all those crimes the I counted up, is at least CONSIDERED CRIMES in America..

Well, the thing I see, is actually supported by your last post about the 'real Eve'


We are all in this thing together, wether we like it or not. We are one. Through sickness and health. 1.

Blessed love


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