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Re: Re: The Nature Of Self Destruction Part 2A
In Response To: Sistim a fukkup ()

Dear Beloved Right, There Would Be No Hope Without You. There Would Only Be A Never Ending Senseless Destruction Of Human Lives And Human Souls. There Would Be No Devine Reality, Only The Delusions Of False Prophecies, And The Governments Of Beast Who Impersonate Human Beings, Full Of Fallacy And Imperious Arrogance, And Devoid Of Instruction From God. For Mankind Is An Unthankful Ingrate, And Rejects God. Mankind Is Full Of Degeneracy, And Has Become Loathsome To Even Look At. When Man Should Be Ascending He Persist In Descending. There Is An
War That Goes On Within Each And Everyone Of Us,
It's Like A Fire We Can't Put Out, And It Burns At Our Very Souls, We Are Traped In The Whirling Winds Of Love And Hatred Anger And Fear, Sometimes Despare And Hopelessness. Too Often
This War Within Us Spills Out Of Us and Is Ignited Into Flames Of Hostilities With The
People Around Us, Then Men And Stones Become The Fuel For The Fire Of Hell Right Here On God's Good Earth. The Real World Is The Spirit World
Where Everything Starts; Every Idea, Every Emotion, Every Impulse, Every Thought, Every Plan. They All Start In The Spiritsphere The
Soul. Few Are Concsious Of This Spiritsphere
And The Desperate Need For Developement In This
Area Of Our Being. Our Soul Connects Us To God,
And Is Vital To Our Ascention Above And Away
From Our Imperfection And Beastiality. Humanity
Must Be Taught, The People Must Be Raised Up
Out Of Their Spiritual Darkness. Huamn Kind
Must Never Be The Host Of Darness, Blinded By What We Carry In Our Own Souls, And Feed Upon
By This Darkness, That Blinds Us From Within.
Then We Are Used By This Same Darkness To Go
Out Into The World And Blind Others Through
Lies,Deciet, And Crookedness. All Governments Are Made Of Men, And Governments Of Men Are
The Beast Of This World, Because They Are Not
Concerned With Our Beloved (RIGHT). They Are Concerned Only With The Frivalous Values Of Men
And Not The (WISDOM OF GOD). These Fouls Believe They Created Themselves, "From A Clot Of Conjealed blood), And Fashioned Themselves Into
Shape. Even To This Day They Remain As Mindless Apes!! They Are Unthankful For All Creation
Around Them Has Contributed Their Grouth And Developement From The Time They Were Just A Clot Of Blood In Their Mothers Womb. There Is No Developement In Thier Soul And They Cannot
Reflect. They Are Like Camaras Without Film.
Or Fine Cars Without Petro Fuel, They Can Only Put On A Show But They Can Go Nowhere. And
Mankind Gets Nowhere With Them As Our Leaders.
God Has Given Us Some Of Himself, His Spiritual Image. No Other Being Shares Our Distinction
Under God. The Abillity To Weigh The Difference Between Right And Wrong, The Abillity To Grow
Our Understang In Limitless Parameters. Limitless Potentiel, As Limitless As The Expanse Of The Universe, For It Is All Ours We Only
Have To Grow Up To Our Appointed Station And
Not Destroy Ourselves. This Is Why Brothers Must Never Fight, Because We Cut Ourselves Off From
The Devine Destiny That God Has Blessed Us With.

Al Hu Du Allah, Bro. Sabree Muhammad

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