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The World is stacked in BLACK & white!

Okay people I have some comments I'd like to present. The prominent world powers built their kingdoms on two things (1) white/light racial superiority and (2)patriarchy (sexism). These two evil forces are the engines that runs the world's systems. No matter what the issue, these two forces are at the root of them. Be it the economics, politics, religious, journalistic/media, educational, military, judicial, historical, etc., the point is all these matters revolve around black and white racism as well as sexism.

Intelligent, learned people who live in America well understand that it is hierarchies who unleash, promote, perpetuate and sustain the evil of white racism as well as sexism. However let it be noted, the might of the Western worlds affects all the world's systems so in that respect, all the world must bow to this evil. It is the hierarchal leaders who influence what the world will adhere to. It is the hierarchies who start the wars, and use their media to slant any given issue in their favor. That is the nature of hierarchies and that is the evil they do.

The masses are bred in this madness and many out of all walks of life do adhere therein. The resistors are the people of truth. These are the threat to the hierarchies and these are the enemies of the hierarchies by reason of such adhering to truth. The two things resisted are white racism, and sexism. Both are at the root of all evil in the world today.

Now do not misunderstand sexism is practiced by males out of every ethnic group. The patriarchy is by far the worst evil to ever explode on the planet. It came bringing death, enslavement, subjagation, degradation, lies and deceits. Indeed, it came despising womankind. Depending on where one resides in the world today, the patriarchy is the ruling demonic force over the land. In the western world though it's rule was once severe, now it is lessened thanks to the fightback of women, and the few well-meaning men. The three major patriarchal forces are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. By far the most visibly dreadful in its execution is Islam. It has cloaked female humanity under its domain forbidding the women to so much as to let the fresh air run through their hair. It is an insane, lying demonic deception just as the false version of Christianity and Judaism are. They all have one objective please their alleged 'GOD' via oppressing and killing womankind.

This is the mad world we were born into, and this is the evil the righteous ever combats. I recently spoke with a distant relative of mine who resides in Israel. She was born unto the Black faction that years ago left America to head for Israel as according to their leader, 'God' instructed him that 'the Blacks were the Hebrews and they were to return to the land of their origin.' As the learned know, what is now called Israel was once referred to as North east Africa. Thus, Africa would be the renowned HOLY LAND now occupied by imposters feigning to be the true jew of history. Well, the Russian/Khazar, Askhenazi batch are not exactly imposters in the sense that they did intermarry with the original Black/african Hebrews who history tells us abounded in Europe in 90A.D.. As so, they would get the traits of the Hebrew. Still, they are not the Hebrews spoken of in the patriarchy Bible.

At any rate, in speaking with my relative I inquired as to their safety during the hectic time over there due to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. She stated that the "Black/Hebrew faction is a small community unto themselves." She also related how "the Ethiopian Jews who were airlifted there in 1988 were told by Ashkenazi euro man not to associate with them, and as a result they do not." As such is the case, I tell you again, all matters revolve around black and white. Look at this, even amidst war with another nation euro-pale, ashkenazi shows himself incapable of being humane to black humanity. He must keep us 'divided and conquered.' He is of the lie. A 'synagogue of satan' fighting a 'mosque of satan' who both must yield to a church of satan. All three forces hatred remains intact against black humanity.

The Ethiopian Hebrews heed ashkenazi's will and so show themselves bowed down to white demon ideology. The black Hebrew faction do not have the strength to overcome their heh..hee...white Jew brother so they can't get to the Ethiopian Jew who is taught to despise them in the first place. Instead, both factions spend time making their women subjugate themselves to antiquated, backwood, patriarchal BS. I suspect they do this to seem like less than the failure they are for being crippled by the white/light racist factions. Albeit, being males It seems an inherent evil in them to need to subjugate womankind. Not all, but by and large, the majority show themselves this way. If not, then why would a minority of repressed homosexual males have rule to let anti-women demon ideology thrive?

See then that in all these matters racism and sexism are the driving evil forces. Africa had peace on earth and world prominence solely when it adhered to a matriarchy. In the 2 hour episode of THE REAL EVE we saw scientific proof that all came from an African woman so entitled EVE, which would make woman supremacy the rule of the day. However, history shows us that when women ruled the world, women did not Lord it over men. Indeed, men were treated with utmost respect in all matriarchy societies. Truly, there was no proclamation by 'women' of hearing the 'voice of Goddess' telling them to 'beat down, demean, violate, disrespect and kill men.' Instead, this was the only successful 'peace on earth' era ever recorded. Not only did peace flourish, but truth, wealth, prosperity, and knowledge flourished.

As such is the case, we see that all truth revolves around righteous women and the matriarchy concept thereof. Whereas, all lies, deceits, evil have revolved around men and the patriarchy. The patriarchy brought with it, racism and sexism, and as such no black should embrace patriarchy lies and deceits. All things revolve around this evil, and as truth crushed to the ground is rising, we see all truth revolves around the wombmoon, aka woman who is the necessary force to bring peace and alleviate evil. All who speak otherwise, are liars and deceivers and the truth abideth not in them!

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The World is stacked in BLACK & white!
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Oh Pianke, you have to KNOW we must DISCUSS this!
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Working on the Answer *LINK*

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