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Re: The World is stacked in BLACK & white!


Blacks are loosing ground in Los Angeles as others overwhelm them. Now the point made about "feminist trickery," and the attack on Black male culture as "patriarchy" was to show the results of BLACK FOLKS (WOMEN) BEING TRICKED BY WHITE FEMINISTS TO NOT HAVE BABIES.

As long as we Blacks continue to tolerate the system of seven out of ten Black children being born out of wedlock, which actually lessens the potential to raise more children that marriage or stable male/female relations give, WE WILL CONTINUE TO BE PUSHED TO THE SEA (TO WEST L.A. AND THE DESERTS) AND OUT OF THE SOUTHERN U.S., OUT OF THE EAST COAST, BY PEOPLE WHO STAY MARRIED, BELIEVE IN TWO PARENTS AND FAMILY UNITY AND REFUSE TO LET THE RACIST TRICKS OF "FEMINISM" AND ABORTION GENOCIDE, PUSH THEM TO DESTRUCTION.

We are our own worst enemy, but some of us are contributing to the destruction of our own more than others. HERE IS THE CHRONOLOGY:

1. White women social workers notices a young couple ready to start their lives.

2. Female gets pregnant

3. Welfare social workers trick female to depend on them for assistance (Baby's first, WIC, AFDC, medicaid, subsidized housing, grants, ect.), long before the baby is born

4. Female notices that she may not need the father to help care for the child (welfare system thinks differently)

5. Social workers discourage woman from marrying baby's father.

6. Social workers tell female that she can get money from the baby's father through child support (Black male economic ravaging).

7. Social workers trick female to go to government for assistance. Father is of no value and he is not allowed to continue relationship, visit his children or have anything to do with them (JUST AS OLD MASSA WILLIE LYNCH AND THE SLAVE HOLDERS PLOTTED IN THE 1700'S)

8. Mother of child (still expecting) begins to find all types of excuses to break up relationship because she knows that she will get money from the male in child-support (which goes to the county).

9. Child is raised by mother who takes the "single parent" route after being brainwashed by the welfare/childsupport system.

10. If the child is a Black male, the mother teaches the male to hate his father. The male develops an unconscious hatred for his mother and all women, after seeing the evil that is taking place. The male desires for his father and rebells by turning to crime and self-destruction (NOT ALL MALES DO THIS, BUT TOO MANY FALL INTO THIS DIABOLICAL SCHEME).

11. Females also loose their fathers and are raised by their mothers to hate men, have no respect, no trust for men. They are raised to love white establishment, white women, white males ( go to any job with a few Black males and a large number of white women, men and black women and see if this is a joke).

12. Black females have a strong system of support, which includes aunts, grandmothers, female friends from whom they learn female culture.

13. Black males are left to the streets or to learn from hoodlums. Many Black males go to the military or partake in sports. YET, WHO TEACHES A BLACK MALE TRADITIONAL BLACK MALE VALUES, THE TYPE OF BLACK MALE CULTURE RESPONSIBLE FOR CIVILIZATION AND CULTURE TODAY??? WHO? It is surely not his mother or aunties.

14. Black males who have been destroyed by the elimination of their fathers from the home due to the conspiracy of the SYSTEM AND SOME OF THEIR MOTHERS, and who have absolutely no guidance, they turn to crime and negative behavior and become part of the new system of SLAVERY.

15. The Black community continues to self-destruct, we continue to have a low population growth, WE WILL SURELY DESTROY THE BLACK POPULATION IN AMERICA IN THE NEXT TWENTY YEARS IF THIS NEW TREND OF MIXING (EXPERIMENTATION AND APPLICATION OF THE SLAVE MENTALITY AS DESIGNED BY WILLIE LYNCH see; ) If the trend of mixing, drug and alchol addicton (which causes IMPOTENCE AND SEXUAL DISFUNCTION, LOW COUNTS (AS THE WOMEN IN KENYA DISCOVERED QUICKLY AND DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT). The problems contributing to the destruction of the Black race in America and the taking over of many Black areas by other people include:

Fracticide and violence among Black males; If our dads were left in our homes to teach us what being men is all about, we would not have to engage in violence to get a Hollywood version of manhood. (here is the BS...its the lie that Black men desert their families..THAT IS THE GREATEST LIE TOLD SINCE THE "CURSE OF HAM." The fact is before a Black man's child is born, the racist, genocidal family-destroying WELFARE SYSTEM, is already trying to TRICK THE MOTHER INTO BREAKING OFF THE RELATIONSHIP...THAT IS THE FACT.

The massive confinement into concentration camps where Black men and women are being infected with incurable diseases (remember the 1970's movie "Three the Hard Way?" Noticed the trials going on in South Africa? Wondered why Africans do not trust any "aid" from these nations and people suspected of sending infected supplies to Africa (like infected blankets given to American Indians and Black Australian Aborigines in the old days)

The sick trend of many Black males and females using whites and other people to have babies with "good hair," and "pretty skin." Gosh, what happened to BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL? What happened to the scientific facts concerning the great advantages of having Black skin that is being kept a secret??? ( see the GLORY OF THE BLACK RACE AND CRUSHING OF RACISM... ) It seems today so many Black men and women are being fooled through the media and other trickery into marrying and having children with anyone, while other people work hard to preserve and maintain their people and culture.

Devorce and Family Destruction: While all other peoples are having stable marriages and relationships, which help establish larger families and more economic strength (two people addeing more money into the household is better than one), we Blacks are shamelessly devorcing as if nothing is wrong. THE MAIN REASON FOR DEVORCE IS EGO TRIPPING AND THE IDEA THAT IN AMERICA, WHAT ATHE BLACK MAN SAYS OR SUGGESTS IS OF NO VALUE..OBVIOUSLY, WHAT DOES A BLACK MAN EXPECT FROM HIS WOMEN, WHEN IN THE CONCOCTION OF BLACK AMERICA BY THE SLAVEMASTERS, THE DESTRUCTION OF BLACK MALE INFLUENCE AND INPUT WAS ONE OF THE MAIN OBJECTIVES OF THE SLAVEMASTER. Any television preacher or movie star promoting white supremacy and false religion (worshipping statues of other people) will get agreement from some of us, then we will from our own.

The list can go on and on, but WHAT WE NEED IN BLACK AMERICA IN ORDER NOT TO BECOME EXTINCT OR BE MIXED OUT OF EXISTENCE (AS BRAZIL'S BLACKS ARE NOW FIGHTING AGAINST WITH FURY) is Black unity, a larger and stronger Black population, cultural and spiritual unity and preservation and seeing ourselves and our people as contributors.


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The World is stacked in BLACK & white!
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Re: The World is stacked in BLACK & white!
Oh Pianke, you have to KNOW we must DISCUSS this!
Re: The World is stacked in BLACK & white!
Re: The World is stacked in BLACK & white!
Working on the Answer *LINK*

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