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Re: The World is stacked in BLACK & white!


While white women may harp and rant, rave and complain about white "patriarchy," in Black America the major problem we are having is a system of Black female matriarchy that is destroying the Black nation. As hard as this is to admit, it has to be placed in the open.

If one reads the Willie Lynch letter to the planters of Virginia during the early 1700's, one will see clearly that the "male against female, female against male," trick which is being implemented by feminists with names that sound very Germanic, has done nothing but contributed to the genocide of infanticide and abortion on Black people, destroying the Black male role in the Black family, encouraging a system of dependency that conspires to eliminate Black men from their family, making Black children, particularly Black males "wards" of the state, encouraging some of our women to reject their men and depend on the Government. NOW THAT IS THE MATRIARCHAL CONSPIRACY, that is and has been destroying Black America since the sixties.


As a Black man, and one whose ancestors came from patriarchal societies where women were cherished an regarded as equal, I see no reason why me or any other knowledgable Black person who understands African tradition should compare African patriarchy with European or Arab patriarchy.

Cheikh Antah Diop put it plainly. The African patriarchal system developed as a way of ensuring the survival of the African/Black race. The founders of this system knew the value of women/females to the entire family system and therefore, African/Black women raised in traditional Black societies, whether in Africa, Tribal India (not the Aryanized Indians), Melanesia and Australia, all place a high regard to women. One finds this important custom. Agriculture and horticulture is very important in these societies and women play a crucial part as tenders of the earth. Women also engage in small trading. Men hunt, fish, trade far away, tend cattle and do heavy farming. Hence, both sexes depend on each other. The idea of "independence" "individualism," and going it alone that Euro American political commentators boast about, is not part of the African tradition. Unity is the key and the fact that feminists will demonize patriarchy in Black societies as if its the same in Arab and European influenced societies shows clearly that feminists are influenced by the white supremacy trick of white women.

The fact is, white women who promote "feminism," are actually promoting female domination and female superiority. When one looks at trends today, what one notices since the sixties is the rapid upliftment of white women and the continued downpression of Black males, Black females and others.

Today, due to the struggles that Blacks started for equality, while white women were burning bras and promoting sexual promiscuity and "free love," white women are making rapid progress in all areas, while Black men, the most oppressed group in America are being herded into camps all over the nation.

Thus, what patriarchy and what patriarchalism is there in the Black male society in America? Absolutely none. The fact is, Black males are raised by Black women at a rate of about seven single women raising children to three married or male and female couples raising their children.

The Black male has been greatly disadvantaged due to this scheme began when white women started to push the system of welfare, free sex, devorce at will and other tricks on the rest of America. The Black male in America is less likely to have his father around because back in the sixties, a diabolical system called "welfare," which was originally created to care for the widows and children of white folk whose husbands did not return from war, was used to pacify the Black community, at a time when Black America wanted one thing. Independence and a separate all-Black nation. Welfare and the capture of the minds of our women was began as soon as the destruction of the Black nationalists was accomplished.

Its very ironic that the people who are behind the feminist movement in America are those who follow the teachings of the early 20th century eugenist by the name of Magaret Sanger, who proposed 'more children for the fit, less for the unfit," long before the Nazi eugenist program in Germany. These same feminists who constantly compllain aboiut "patriarchy" have contributed to the elimination of tens of millions of unborn over the last few decades. Un like wars where two sets of people are fighting, these unborn are and have been totally innocent. THE GREATEST VICTIMS OF THIS HOLOCAUST ON BLACK WOMEN ARE BLACK WOMEN WHIO ARE BEING TRICKED BY WHITE FEMINISTS TO DESTROY THEIR BABIES, WHILE THESE WHITE FEMINISTS PROMOTE FERTILITY PILLS FOR WHITE WOMEN WHO BEAR SEVEN BABIES PER PREGNANCY.


Not to long ago, the women of a part of Kenya mobalized to shut down the stores selling liquor to their husbands. The owners of these stores were accused of making liquor (like moonshine) that caused men to go sterile, make them impotent and even add to causing their destruction. The women of Kenya got fed up of their men (those who drand this liquor) being destroyed mentally, physically and sexually, so they took it upon themselves to shut down all the stalls and stores selling this poisonous liquor.


These Kenyan women are African womanists who believe in the development of their families and not just trying to gain a level of superiority over men as the feminist movement in America is training women to do, with grave consequences.

Black women and men in cities like Los Angeles have worked to lessen the amount of liquor stores in their communities, but the evidence that liquor made to destroy Africans was doing just that in Kenya, should be a lesson to Black folk in the U.S. and elsewhere. The fact that the people making the liquor were Kenyan themselves does not matter one bit. It is who promoted the creation and drinking of this liquor that makes men impotent and sterile? Is it the same people who promoted the myth in South Africa about relations with virgins to cure a certain suspicious "disease?" (I shall not be explicit, but if you all have heard the news, you know what im talking about...the greatest, most evil lie ever spread since the "curse of Ham," lie.)

In retrospect, the time has come to stop this division among Black folks. We don't need to eliminate "patriarchy" in the Black nations and communities anywhere. The people spreading this trick come from the most stable, most wealthy and most assured ethnic groups in America today. They dominate the mass media and spread all the vices that is destroying Black America and others, yet, when one goes through their neighborhoods, one notices their children are being cared by two parents and are living comfortably. They will promote abortion and genocide on Black folk, but will not allow others to come into an area where they feel they will be overwhelmed. The same people who began and head the feminist movement are the same people on the talk show circuit who blame Blacks for every evil in America today (listen to radio station KKGO, SAN FRANCISCO, BETWEEN FOUR TO SIX PM, MONDAYS TO FRIDAYS) "SWAGE NATION."

It is downright evil, that much of the social problems that face Black America today was brought about by people who were supposed to be Black folks "allies" during the sixties, but today, they are worse than the propaganda machine that vilified non-Aryans during World War II Germany. In fact, some of the current anti-Black propagandists are the sons and daughters of people who migrated from Europe just after World War II and were themselves victims of racism and atrocities. Today, they are attempting to make Blacks the scapegoats, so that what happened in Germany does not happen to them here in the U.S.

However, we Blacks must learn to observe and recognize trickery for what it is. We are better off with strong families, homes with mothers and fathers. Homes where Black boys are taught respect and the values of being men from their fathers, rather than conspiring with the system to eliminate fathers and opening the way for the angry, resentful son, deprived of his father to rebell and end up confined.

Black families united are more able to create larger families, more children and more support. If Black America is going to survive and not be continually pushed back into a smaller and smaller minority, overtaken by all other ethnic and racial groups in our own land, we must reject the tricks of feminism that calls for devorcing, single parenting as the most preferred family type, abortion and any reason to destroy the Black family.

What we need in Black America and the Black world is a strong patriarchal system and the continued corporation and respect for our women, which is engrained in Black culture already.

Read more on the above issues from the book, "Susu and Susunomics" pub by

Other great works include:
"A History of the African-Olmecs,"

"Susu Economics,"

all works also at

Pianke Nubianu

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The World is stacked in BLACK & white!
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Re: The World is stacked in BLACK & white!
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Re: The World is stacked in BLACK & white!
Re: The World is stacked in BLACK & white!
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