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Re: The World is stacked in BLACK & white!

PIANKE YOU STATED:"BLACKS BEING PUSHED OUT OF LOS ANGELES Blacks are loosing ground in Los Angeles as others overwhelm them. Now the point made about "feminist trickery," and the attack on Black male culture as "patriarchy" was to show the results of BLACK FOLKS (WOMEN) BEING TRICKED BY WHITE FEMINISTS TO NOT HAVE BABIES."

MY REPLY:Hello again Pianke, listen I'm understanding your point in erroneously thinking that Black women have been tricked into not having babies. You are right in describing the white she demon's motive and methods, but you are WRONG to think that it worked and that that is the main reason for the birth rate decline among Black women. My argument is that Black males who have reached such conclusions are dangerous in that their disposition unjustly 'attacks,' and 'blames' the black woman for the predicament that 'black male' chieftains of yesteryear put us all in when they aided and abetted the white devil in enslaving black women and children. At any rate, making the black woman out to more or less be, the alleged 'poisoned' enemy is wrong and in itself an enemy stance against black women's well-being! Indeed, such erroneous assessment of black males only proves that they are incapable of reasoning out of a spirit of truth and TRUTH AND TRUTH ALONE WILL SET YOU FREE!

Let's face reality, birth control changed the lives of all western women. You being a learned man must surely know that Black women of the enslavement were forced to have multiple babies for the demonic slaveholders in order to multiply his 'profit' off of human lives. Black males were forced to be breeders of which many were brainwashed enough to be proud of. Black women had children during the enslavement and the fact is, some because of the evil of the demonic enslavement 'killed' their babies rather than see them go through a life of drudgery. Now, that is the sole fault of the demonic spirit of racism affecting male and female. However, based on the reasoning you adhere to the 'black woman' was 'wrong' and 'tricked' into destroying her offspring. Can you not see the illogic of such reasoning? It is unmerciful, judgement against the black woman for circumstances that black males put her in, in the first place.

As for the birth rate after enslavement, black women had many children because there was no birth control to stop the multiplication. If you did a survey you'd find though many black women loved the children they had, they did not necessarily consider it a 'pleasant desire' to continously be pregnant and breed many children. They just couldn't stop it, so they dealt with it. Not only was it rough on black women's bodies, but it was mentally rough to have children living amidst an enviroment of segregation, lynching, tortures, etc.. Even if such circumstances did not exist it is not a given that black women would want to have lots of children. Especially, if the black male is not going to be around, and believe me you, if he is trifling, doggish, and evil as many who have been kicked to the curb are, then he would not be in the home to support all those 'youngins' that you black males have surmised we black women have been tricked into not having.

See then that you black males who adhere to such illogic are trampling on FEMALE HOLY GROUND, and need to back off for you don't what you are talking about. You all are being as unjust as a white devil racist who refuses to acknowledge the impact of racism on the black community state of affairs. In black males case, you all are going the other extreme, and not justly factoring in the true causes for black women decline in birth rate, and let's face it, the true cause is because intelligent black women don't want to have babies by the shiftless, trifling, MONEYLESS, brutal, ignorant black male faction out there.

As it is, the ones who do have them end up thrust on the 'tricky feminist welfare' plan because the black male most times 'WON'T'or because of joblessness and lack of education CAN'T support the children he is breeding out. See then as said before it is the 'black male' who is in essence working with the 'tricky feminist' in getting black women on welfare. Truth be told, that has always have been the case. And since we're telling the truth, we might as well get it all out and face the fact that all this 'analyzing' the 'black woman's failures' is just an excuse for black males to justify the sorry state the black nation is in. The black male type who adhere to such illogic is doing so because their ego is wounded because of the defeat at the hands of the white devil who rules over the black male.
This is the true evil of your assessment in that we as a nation will never be healed as long as black males won't acknowledge that they themselves are the root of evil that has the nation in the shape it is in.

Final analysis with regard to this part of your comments, black women who are in successful marriages do have children, and the choice is ours' and ours' alone, as to how many we will have. In successful black marriages where the MAN WORKS AND TAKES CARE OF HIS CHILDREN you find the children that you stated, 'the feminist tricked us into not having.' In the far too many cases, where black males are spreading their sperm, left, right, sideways, with any young naive' ignorant, lonely hearted girl who will have them, you find single motherhood, and welfare because such 'breeding bucks' won't or can't afford to take care of the children. In all these matters it gets back to the BLACK MALE being the sole cause of 'FORCED FEMINIST WELFARE.' See then that your conclusions reached are erroneous, in that righteous black women married to the decent black man, does have children, thus the 'feminist strategy' failed. On the other hand, plenty of young black naive, lonely hearted girls are having babies galore, but are thrust into the 'tricky' feminist welfare because the BLACK MALE won't support those children. As said, LET'S DEAL WITH THE REAL TRUTH, FOR TRUTH ALONE WILL SET THE CAPTIVE FREE!

PIANKE YOU STATED:"As long as we Blacks continue to tolerate the system of seven out of ten Black children being born out of wedlock, which actually lessens the potential to raise more children that marriage or stable male/female relations give, WE WILL CONTINUE TO BE PUSHED TO THE SEA (TO WEST L.A. AND THE DESERTS) AND OUT OF THE SOUTHERN U.S., OUT OF THE EAST COAST, BY PEOPLE WHO STAY MARRIED, BELIEVE IN TWO PARENTS AND FAMILY UNITY AND REFUSE TO LET THE RACIST TRICKS OF "FEMINISM" AND ABORTION GENOCIDE, PUSH THEM TO DESTRUCTION."

MY REPLY:Well Pianke, then tell black males to support all those babies and become decent human beings, and stick with one woman, love and marry her then we won't be PUSHED TO THE SEA NOW WILL WE?

PIANKE YOU STATED:"We are our own worst enemy, but some of us are contributing to the destruction of our own more than others. HERE IS THE CHRONOLOGY:
1. White women social workers notices a young couple ready to start their lives."

MY REPLY:Yep Pianke, as a righteous black woman, I can tell you black males are their own worst enemy. As for white women noticing a couple...that's a laugh...usually a black woman goes to the welfare office with momma, and then puts a black male's name down whose residence is usually the local prison. See then, tell black males to stop killing each other and going to prison then the count of destruction won't be so high.

PIANKE YOU LISTED:"2. Female gets pregnant
3. Welfare social workers trick female to depend on them for assistance (Baby's first, WIC, AFDC, medicaid, subsidized housing, grants, ect.), long before the baby is born"

MY REPLY:Nope Pianke, that ain't how it works at all, and I think you're intelligent enough to know that...lmao! It's no 'TRICK' for the female, to depend on such government assistance. You see BLACK MALE DADDY AIN'T AROUND, AND BABY NEEDS MILK, PAMPERS, MEDICINE, SHOTS, CLOTHES...and how else will naive', foolish, black girl who got herself knocked up by this worthless dog get that without FUNDS that BLACK MALE 'WON'T' GIVE HER? The worthless black male (and not the feminist)has forced her, or thrust her into getting our tax dollars to support the babies she has.

PIANKE YOU STATED:"4. Female notices that she may not need the father to help care for the child (welfare system thinks differently)
5. Social workers discourage woman from marrying baby's father."

MY REPLY:Ha..ha...ha...yeah right Pianke, what black baby's father is there with her for the social worker to discourage the black woman from marrying him? Lmao! Indeed, if he is down there with her, then THE BLACK MALE is the one taking the BLACK FEMALE to be 'TRICKED BY THE FEMINIST WELFARE.' The Bum should be out getting a job to support the child that he made. If he was, then the black female wouldn't be sitting in the welfare office for the 'feminist to trick her' now would she?

PIANKE YOU STATED:"6. Social workers tell female that she can get money from the baby's father through child support (Black male economic ravaging).
7. Social workers trick female to go to government for assistance. Father is of no value and he is not allowed to continue relationship, visit his children or have anything to do with them (JUST AS OLD MASSA WILLIE LYNCH AND THE SLAVE HOLDERS PLOTTED IN THE 1700'S)"

MY REPLY:You've got to be kidding right? Lmao! Okay, check this out, shouldn't 'BLACK DADDY' be giving the support of the seed he put in the woman? How is that 'economic plundering?' He should of thought about that when he was impregnating his woman 'dat he love so dear.' If BLACK MALES WON'T PAY then it is not a TRICK for 'social worker, momma, friend, aunt, anybody' to tell the impregnated black woman to get medicaid, and funds to support the child since the black male would as you consider it be 'ECONOMICALLY PLUNDERED' in being forced to do that which he should do and that is take care of the offspring he alone with the black woman brought into the world.


PIANKE YOU STATED:"8. Mother of child (still expecting) begins to find all types of excuses to break up relationship because she knows that she will get money from the male in child-support (which goes to the county).
9. Child is raised by mother who takes the "single parent" route after being brainwashed by the welfare/childsupport system."

MY REPLY:This is to die for, it is so hiliarious. Yeah okay, whatever, poor, poor, black man, sitting there in the 'WELFARE OFFICE WITH HIS BLACK WOMAN' (instead of out working for the funds needed to take care of the child he's bringing into the world). The poor, poor, or rather, sorry, sorry, black male then moans and groans because first he 'brought' his woman to the 'tricky feminist welfare' and secondly, the so-called 'tricky feminist' tricked the black woman into not marrying this unemployed bum who has her down at the welfare office in the first place? Oh, I pity you for I see you are not kidding but deeply entrenched in your mindset is this ill-bred demonic lie espoused by none other than black males!

PIANKE YOUR NEXT FOLLY SPOKE THUS:"10. If the child is a Black male, the mother teaches the male to hate his father. The male develops an unconscious hatred for his mother and all women, after seeing the evil that is taking place. The male desires for his father and rebells by turning to crime and self-destruction (NOT ALL MALES DO THIS, BUT TOO MANY FALL INTO THIS DIABOLICAL SCHEME)"

MY REPLY:Yeah, well Tupac the late (killed by BLACK MALE ON BLACK MALE VIOLENCE SO SELF DESTRUCTING THE BLACK NATION YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT). Annnnyway, Tupac, what's that big famous basketball player/rapper Shaq, I think it is, said they 'HATE THEIR BLACK DADDY' because he wasn't there for them not because of MOMMA but because he was a 'no good dirty dog' who wouldn't take care of them and DIDN'T ASK TO SEE THEM or the black woman would have allowed it. I mean, a decent black woman would as long as the black male wasn't into drugs, or some sort of violence. A decent black mother wouldn't want her child around such madness. Not only these famous single parent home celebrities but millions of those bred in single homes hate their black male father because of his own evil. Truly, Pianke, it all gets back to the black male self-destructing. Do open your eyes and see the truth for it will set your troubled soul, and cripple mind free.

PIANKE STATED:"11. Females also loose their fathers and are raised by their mothers to hate men, have no respect, no trust for men. They are raised to love white establishment, white women, white males ( go to any job with a few Black males and a large number of white women, men and black women and see if this is a joke).
12. Black females have a strong system of support, which includes aunts, grandmothers, female friends from whom they learn female culture."

MY've got me in stitches laughing at this madness Pianke...I'm in reality laughing to keep from crying in that it is sad, that though you show yourself intelligent, you are not wise. Indeed, you adhere to foolishness, that is the sick, mentality that keeps the black male self-afflicted. It is evil in it's finest form and for that I pity you to a great degree. I'm glad you are displaying this mentality for it is important for black women to see this 'enemy within' mentality for just what it is.

At any rate, let me show you your error in this another point you think you are making. First of all, black women grow up to hate sick black males because of SICK BLACK MALE'S MENTALITY AND ACTIONS. You are lying to yourself when you proclaim it is because "MOMMA TAUGHT THEM THAT." Reality check, it is because BLACK MALE'S who do hateful, ugly, things are hated by those they afflict. You as a black male should be crying that black women in the form of aunts, sisters, mother, daughters, friends, have to ban together and support the black woman with child. If the black male was decent and in the picture doing right, we wouldn't have to ban together now would we? Any way you males who are adhering to this madness look at it, it gets back to the black male being the 'TRICKED' IGNORANT, DISGRACE and that by HIS OWN SELF-INFLICTED ACTIONS!

For the record, black women do not LOVE the system and many who have been thrust on the 'FEMINIST TRICKY' system by the black male who WON'T support his child, have gotten off the system and supported themselves and their child by educating themselves and applying, and getting good jobs. In all these matters, the black male is not around by his own choice. There are black women who have never been on welfare, and it is the same story. NO BLACK MALE...HE WALKED OUT...HE WON'T PAY CHILD SUPPORT...GO TO COURT...IF HE IS EMPLOYED...GET THE COURT TO GARNISH THE CHECK...ALL BECAUSE THE 'BLACK MALE' WON'T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CHILD HE HELP MAKE!!!

PIANKE ON YOU SPOUTED:"13. Black males are left to the streets or to learn from hoodlums. Many Black males go to the military or partake in sports. YET, WHO TEACHES A BLACK MALE TRADITIONAL BLACK MALE VALUES, THE TYPE OF BLACK MALE CULTURE RESPONSIBLE FOR CIVILIZATION AND CULTURE TODAY??? WHO? It is surely not his mother or aunties.
14. Black males who have been destroyed by the elimination of their fathers from the home due to the conspiracy of the SYSTEM AND SOME OF THEIR MOTHERS, and who have absolutely no guidance, they turn to crime and negative behavior and become part of the new system of SLAVERY."

MY REPLY:Yo' momma done you wrong boy, didn't she? This is the mentality you are reflecting through this loooooooooooong solioquy! There are many a successful, black man raised by the MOTHER ALONE, who would call you a LIAR about not being reared properly or taught of the black culture. You're confused son, real confused. However, you are not alone in this dangerous, pervasive, convoluted illogic and that is the real problem that black women must wake up too.

PIANKE ON YOU WROTE:"15. The Black community continues to self-destruct, we continue to have a low population growth, WE WILL SURELY DESTROY THE BLACK POPULATION IN AMERICA IN THE NEXT TWENTY YEARS IF THIS NEW TREND OF MIXING (EXPERIMENTATION AND APPLICATION OF THE SLAVE MENTALITY AS DESIGNED BY WILLIE LYNCH see; ) If the trend of mixing, drug and alchol addicton (which causes IMPOTENCE AND SEXUAL DISFUNCTION, LOW COUNTS (AS THE WOMEN IN KENYA DISCOVERED QUICKLY AND DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT). The problems contributing to the destruction of the Black race in America and the taking over of many Black areas by other people include:
Fracticide and violence among Black males; If our dads were left in our homes to teach us what being men is all about, we would not have to engage in violence to get a Hollywood version of manhood. (here is the BS...its the lie that Black men desert their families..THAT IS THE GREATEST LIE TOLD SINCE THE "CURSE OF HAM." The fact is before a Black man's child is born, the racist, genocidal family-destroying WELFARE SYSTEM, is already trying to TRICK THE MOTHER INTO BREAKING OFF THE RELATIONSHIP...THAT IS THE FACT."

MY REPLY:Fact is son, you're confused, and I'm sorry for you. Fact is, not every black man in the home is good. You're pipedreaming and also delusional which is not a good combination. True there are some good, decent, wonderful husbands in the homes, in fact, I'm married to one. However, in the black home are many, many, many, many, ad infinitium many, black men who are abusive, and black women tolerate for a variety of reasons. In fact, they should be out of the home. See then that what you are missing is the true evil which is THE BLACK MALE IS SORELY BRAINWASHED, AND TWISTED AS YOU'VE DISPLAYED, NOT THE BLACK WOMAN! INDEED, IN ALL THESE MATTERS THE BLACK WOMAN IS SINGLEHANDELY TRIUMPHING AMIDST A TWOFOLD ATTACK, THE RACIST WHITE DEVIL AND THE WEAK BLACK TWISTED MALES.

In your erroneously perceptions spouted, you've repeatedly brought up the feminist. Yet as shown you the feminist DOES NOT TRICK THE BLACK WOMAN AND COULD NOT TOUCH THE BLACK WOMAN BUT THAT BLACK MALE FAILURE FORCES THE BLACK WOMAN TO GO INTO THE what you see as, 'TRICKY FEMINIST' system. It bears repeating, not all SINGLE BLACK FEMALES utilize such programs as welfare and those that are force to utilize welfare for them is a good thing, not a tricky thing. Children have to eat, and if black males won't feed their own, then the system you fear must.

Okay, I'm tired, I've had enough of this, as you just go on and on in your mad disposition and again, I pity you to a degree but am honored to be able to put the truth out there for black women who might be taken in by this dangerous, sick, weak, insane mentality now being embraced by sects of black males.

However, let me conclude with this Pianke, as said I respect the links you posted, it is a good thing. You have much knowledge but wisdom you lack greatly. Your perceptions are dreadfully off-centered with regard to these matters. Bottom whether we are talking about Black males in America or Africa, the problem of killings, rapes, incest, drinking, drugs, promiscuity, thievery, are problems black males bring on themselves. No one can FORCE YOU TO DRINK, NOT TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN, KILL ONE ANOTHER, STEAL FROM ONE ANOTHER, ETC....BLACK MALES DO THAT OF THEIR OWN FREEWILL AND THAT ALONE IS WHERE THE EVIL LAY.

Your mentality is full of black woman loathing, ergo, making you the enemy to the black woman. Unfortunately, trifling, ego-wounded, black males are breeding black males to think in this perverted, murderous, mentality. However, all I can say is, IT IS A LIE, A DAMNED LIE AND I HOPE YOU BREAK FREE FROM IT.

You applaud African women who choose to support the DRUNKEN, DOPED UP, WIFE BEATING, INSANE MATES OF THEIRS, but intelligent, black women don't. What you do not even recognize yourself to be delighting in, is BLACK WOMEN SUPERIORITY that picks up filthy, disgusting, weak, failures of black males. I do not applaud them for the black male should be out there behaving properly in the first place. That he is not, shows that he is weak. In your Kenyan example, you show the women even in ignorance to be superior to the brute they are married to. They should not be forced to be burdened with a drunken black male, too drunk to support his family let alone, stand up the the white devil who has his heel on his neck. I hope you reflect on the true reality in all these matters, and be set free from the crippling folly you have been bred to spout. Peace out!

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